Kim Jong-kook reveals his older brother’s English skills… It’s truly a twist


Singer Kim Jong-kook revealed the English skills of his older brother, who is a plastic surgeon.

Actress Na Moon-hee appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in House“, which aired on June 15th, and had a candid talk with the cast.

problem child in house

On this day, the host Song Eun-yi asked Na Moon-hee, “You memorized all your long English lines in the movie ‘I Can Speak’.”

Na Moon-hee replied, “My son-in-laws and daughters helped me a little bit. Actor Lee Je-hoon also helped me.”

problem child in house

Kim Jong-kook, who was listening to the story, said shyly, “I speak English quite well. People know me as an illiterate person. They thought I was just using my body.”

problem child in house

Referring to his older brother, who is a plastic surgeon, he surprised the cast by revealing, “My brother reads original books in English. However, when we went abroad together, he couldn’t say a word.”

problem child in house

He made everyone burst into laughter by adding, “When I saw him speak English once, I pretended not to know him since I was embarrassed. He spoke strangely.”

problem child in house

Kim Jong-kook’s older brother Kim Jong-myung is a plastic surgeon who often appeared on entertainment programs with Kim Jong-kook. In particular, in 2018, he appeared on SBS’ “My Little Old Boy” to give Kim Jong-kook plastic surgery advice. He drew attention by showing his professional and witty sides at the same time.

problem child in house

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