Kim Eana X Bibi talk about their trash ex-boyfriends “Thank you for helping me make money”


Lyricist Kim Eana and rapper Bibi mentioned their ex-boyfriends.

On TVING’s original program “Witch Hunt 2022” (hereinafter referred to as “Witch Hunt”), which was released on Sep 23rd, when juniors asked “What kind of person should I date?”, Shin Dong-yup confessed, “You should know what kind of person you are rather than trying to date someone.”

Shin Dong-yup continued, “Do you think you know what kind of person you are? You don’t know? It’s hard to understand completely.”

He expressed his opinion, “You have to meet various people to get to know yourself.” Kim Eana agreed, “It’s true that you have to meet a lot of people. That’s how you get to know yourself.”

Kim Eana went on to say, “‘Why do I like people like this?’, ‘Why can’t I meet people like this?’ Through these experiences, if you can fully understand that ‘Ah, I have needs, I have deficiencies, I have good sides’, the person you see will change from then on.”

She added, “I used to be attracted to pitiful people! In my early 20s. That’s because I was pitiful!”

Bibi sympathized with this, and Kim Eana made a straightforward remark, “We both met trash(?) and wrote a lot of lyrics!”

After hearing this, Bibi laughed out loud and shouted, “That’s right. Okay, thank you for helping me make money!” Kim Eana made the studio a sea of laughter by shouting together with Bibi, “Even a very polite and formal bow isn’t enough. Thank you!”

Meanwhile, “Witch Hunt 2022” is a talk show that deals with all aspects of the reality of love.

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