Kevin Gates Reveals He & Estranged Wife Dreka Are Blood Cousins

Kevin Gates Claims He & His Wife Dreka Are Cousins 

Kevin Gates Trolls His Wife Dreka, Says They’re Cousins  – But It Seems True

Rapper Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka are having some marital issues. But if Kevin’s latest IG post is to be believed, then it all may be for the best. Yesterday Kevin told folks on social media that he and his estranged wife Dreka are “cousins.”

It all started when Kevin’s current romantic interest, Jojo Zarur posted their clip and an Instagram user @1never_change, wrote, “[Kevin Gates] looks like Dreka.”

Well that post set off a storm all across social media. Some people thought that Kevin was just trolling, but most suspected that Kevin and Dreka, who are both from Mississippi – may in fact be related.

Kevin Gates Trolls His Wife Dreka, Says They're CousinsKevin Gates Trolls His Wife Dreka, Says They're Cousins

When Dreka and Kevin first became romantically involved, he was a part time rapper in Louisiana.

And Dreka worked to help Kevin succeed as a rapper. She read books about the music industry, and sought people out for advice advice. She also watched what other booking managers did and tried to do the same for Kevin.

However, it wasn’t easy. She confessed to The Source; “Then again, people in the industry shut you out…Yet, all the while I learned any and everything I could learn about the industry on my own because nobody is just going to say, ‘Hey come on let me show you the ropes!’ That’s just not going to happen.”

Eventually it worked, and Kevin became a huge star and married his longtime girlfriend in October 2015. The couple have two children, Islah and Khaza. According to Kevin, Dreka cheated on him and is pregnant by her personal trainer.


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