Kang Ha-neul, “Insider” will grow more than just a revenge drama, Kim Yo-han will be stronger”


Kang Ha-neul shared his honest story about the drama “Insider” and Kim Yo-han. 

JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Insider” (directed by Min Yeon-hong, scripted by Moon Man-se, and produced by Ace Factory/SLL) is receiving favorable reviews as the episode continues. The spectacular action scenes that viewers cannot take their eyes off, the constantly developing twists, and the suspense-filled psychological warfare, in which a single glance and expression of a moment determine victory or defeat, captivated the viewers with overwhelming attractive things to watch. 

At the center of it is Kang Ha-neul‘s passionate performance leading the story with an irreplaceable presence. His acting, which depicts the delicate inner side of Kim Yo-han (played by Kang Ha-neul), who gradually changes in extreme situations, added depth to the narrative and doubled his immersion in his character. 


Kim Yo-han jumped into the league of Seongju Prison after escaping from the bottom of despair. Just as he infiltrated the prison for justice from the beginning, he wanted to achieve his revenge through an investigation, but the video handed over by Oh Soo-yeon (Lee Yoo-young) caused a crack in his belief. The specific video showed Mok Jin-hyung (played by Kim Sang-ho) abandoning the body of his grandmother Shin Dal-soo (played by Ye Soo-jung). 

The latest episode’s ending shows Kim Yo-han drowning in anger and aiming a scalpel at Mok Jin-hyung, giving the audience a big shock. With his character’s future entering an unpredictable phase, Kang Ha-neul’s interview was unveiled ahead of the 5th episode. 


The setting where the game of desire unfolds on a virtual stage called Seongju Prison, which has turned into a “house,” is original. Kang Ha-neul also said, “After reading the script, I thought this movie was so fun that I tried to read it until the end, but then it said ‘Continued in Part II’. At first, I thought I was reading a movie script. Unlike my previous drama scripts, it felt like a movie,” he said, explaining the reason why he chose this drama. 

As much as he chose with confidence and affection, his character Kim Yo-han was also unique. Kang Ha-neul persuasively unraveled Kim Yo-han’s desperate narrative, which could be heavy, prompting viewers to overindulge and cheer for him. He definitely has a high understanding of his character at the base. 

“First of all, the character ‘Kim Yo-han’ can’t stand injustice, and he’s very determined to correct what’s wrong,” Kang Ha-neul explained, “I think he is a character with fire in his heart but hides it in a rational way and lives without much enthusiasm.” 

Kang then said that his goal was to let viewers understand Kim Yo-han well, and he said, “It may not be easy to sympathize with the feeling of this character who never falter or change his mind despite difficulties. There are many more spectacular and tremendous things left to come. I hope I will be able to portray him so that viewers can understand him,” he said, further hinting about the future plot development.  


Another point that guarantees the quality of “Insider” is the satisfying action scenes. There is a constant effort from the actors. Kang Ha-neul said, “In the case of the action scenes, I can’t say those weren’t hard. But our harmony with the filming team was so good that made those scenes less difficult to do. I had a lot of fun filming with my prison cellies because we worked really well together,” he said.  

He also revealed his trust in the actors he worked with without any hesitation. Kang Ha-neul, who expressed extraordinary affection with his filming team, said, “It is not easy to be in the same place with senior actors who have such outstanding acting. It was such an honor for me. I learned a lot from them,” he said, expressing his deep respect. 

In particular, regarding Moon Sung-geun, Kang Ha-neul shared, “This is my third work working with him. Every time we met, he always treats me warmly, and there are so many things to learn from him. I hope I will be like him in the future,” he added, drawing attention. 

All of the episodes until now had shown a stormy development, but there are still many events and stories left in front of Kim Yo-han. What should we focus more on in the future? The keyword picked by Kang Ha-neul was “growth.” 


“I personally think ‘Insider’ is growth rather than revenge for Kim Yo-han. Kim Yo-han’s hearts will grow really strong through the various things that will happen to him in the future,” he hinted. “I thought those parts are growth to him, whether they are good or bad. I acted in hope that the audience will realize how Kim Yo-han changed after each incident, and I want to show those changes little by little,” he pointed out the details. 

Finally, Kang Ha-neul added, “I think it’s a drama that makes me wonder if I will be able to receive another work where I can have fun filming like this one,” and did not forget to say his affectionate greeting. 

Meanwhile, the 5th episode of JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Insider” will air at 10:30 p.m. on Jun 22nd. Kang Ha-neul’s JTALK interview video can be found on JTBC JTALK YouTube channel.

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