Kan Mi-yeon disclosed, “When I was in Baby VOX, they didn’t even give us kimbap…They didn’t feed us”

Kan Mi-yeon disclosed, "When I was in Baby VOX, they didn't even give us kimbap...They didn't feed us"

“Buddy Into The World” Kan Mi-yeon recalled her Baby VOX days.

MBC’s entertainment program “Buddy Into The World” aired on Sep 12th showed Tony Ahn, Hwang Bo, Brian, and Kan Mi-yeon leaving for an uninhabited island.

On this day, all four people gathered to enjoy a meal with ingredients obtained from nature and conversated with each other. After eating a full meal, Tony Ahn said, “I think the thing we ate the most when we were trainees and when we were on our activities together is kimbap.”

Then, Kan Mi-yeon shocked everyone by saying, “We didn’t even get any kimbap. They didn’t feed us.” Hwang Bo asked, “Are you still skinny even now because you couldn’t eat then?”

Kan Mi-yeon said, “When we went on schedule, if we had time to eat, they will take us to restaurants to eat, but if we didn’t have time, we just didn’t,” adding, “Now that I think about it, it was too much.”

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