June advertising model brand reputation: BTS lost to two familiar faces?

June advertising model brand reputation: BTS lost to two familiar faces?

According to big data analysis in June 2022, the top 3 advertising model brand reputation, in sequential order, includes IU, Son Heung Min, and BTS. 

The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation measured 29,197,319 big data units regarding advertising model brand reputation from May 6, 2022, to June 6, 2022. They then evaluated elements like participation index, media index, communication index, and community index. 

This brand reputation index is an indicator created through big data analysis, which suggests that consumers’ online habits have a great influence on brand consumption. The advertising model brand reputation index can thus measure consumer relationships, positive and negative evaluations, media’s interest, consumers’ interest, and communication volume for the branding of each advertising model. 

The top 30 in June brand reputation for advertising models are as follows:

1. IU

2. Son Heung Min

3. BTS

4. Lim Young Woong

5. Gong Yoo


7. Kang Daniel 

8. Ma Dong Seok

9. Kim Hye Soo

10. Yoo Jae Seok 

11. Kim Tae Ri 

12. Park Gun 

13. Seo Hyun Jin

14. Han Ji Min

15. Song Ga In

16. Lee Byung Hun 

17. Son Ye Jin

18. Kim Jong Kook

19. Jang Yoon Jung

20. Park Bo Gum

21. Lee Seung Gi 

22. Kim Yuna

23. Cha Eun Woo

24. Hyun Bin 

25. Lee Jung Jae

26. Shin Min Ah

27. Han Hyo Joo

28. Jeon Ji Hyun 

29. Jo In Sung

30. Yoon Yeo Jung

IU, who ranked 1st, scored a total of 3,516,545 in brand reputation index, with a participation index of 391,793, a media index of 807,785, a communication index of 816,158, and a community index of 1,500,809.


Soccer player Son Heung Min, who came in 2nd, scored a total of 3,273,492 in brand reputation index, with a participation index of 1,542,893, a media index of 620,464, a communication index of 561,532, and a community index of 548,604.

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In 3rd place, BTS (RM, Jin, Sugar, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook)’s brand reputation index amounted to 2,321,403 points, with a participation index of 398,835, a media index of 493,869, a communication index of 362,176, a community index of 1,066,523.


Trot singer Lim Young Woong came in 4th with a brand reputation index score of 1,633,980, including a participation index of 738,045, a media index of 295,108, a communication index of 373,075, and a community index of 227,752.

Lim Young Woong

5th place Gong Yoo scored a total of 1,340,136 in brand reputation index, with participation index at 140,185 media index at 193,658, communication index at 152,828, and community index at 853,466

gong yoo



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