Jang Nara’s guestlist for her upcoming wedding is reportedly full of famous faces: from Park Bo Gum to Kim Nam Gil


The “ageless goddess” Jang Nara recently announced her wedding, drawing attention to her probably star-studded guestlist. 

At the age of 41, famous actress Jang Nara suddenly announced she’s getting married with her long term boyfriend, who’s 6 year younger and a non-celebrity. 

jang nara

In her announcement to fans, Jang Nara said she and her fiancé have promised each other partnership for the rest of their life, and shared that she fell hard for his “charming smile, kind and honest heart, as well as his passion and dedication to his craft”. 

jang nara

The actress also apologized for being unable to reveal her to-be husband’s identity, in fear of the news impacting his life. 

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Now, however, the attention has shifted from Jang Nara’s husband to her expected guestlist, and there are many familiar faces. 

Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum co-starred with Jang Nara in the 2015 series “Hello Monster”. 

According to an insider, actor Park Bo Gum, who was recently discharged, will appear at Jang Nara’s wedding. 

The duo became close after starring in the thriller series “Hello Monster” back in 2015, and was even rumored to be dating in early 2016. The wildest news though, have been wedding gossip that sparked after Park Bo Gum wore a ring while signing for fans of his work “Reply 1988”.

Park Bo Gum

Following such rumors, Park Bo Gum himself expressed his surprise, and prompted shut down all of them, saying that he and Jang Nara are like brother and sister. 

Therefore, an invitation to Park Bo Gum sounds likely in the eyes of the media. 

Kim Nam Gil 

Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara once faced dating and even marriage rumors.

Despite never having any collaboration, Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara were close friends, to the point netizens and media were saying they dated for years and were planning to take the next step. 

In the tvN variety show “Trans-Siberian Pathfinders”, Kim Nam Gil was especially shocked to hear of such news. He even shared that he received numerous messages questioning if the rumors were true, and jokingly said he and Nara were ready for the wedding. 


In addition, a source also revealed that Kim Nam Gil acted like a true gentleman and said sorry to Jang Nara, believing that dating and marriage rumors would “incur more damages for women”. 

Jang Hyuk 

jang na ra jang hyuk
Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara were once voted as the best couple of the year. 

Another must-have face at Jang Nara’s wedding ceremony is said to be male actor Jang Hyuk, who worked with Jang Nara on the set of “Fated To Love You”, and maintained a close relationship with her even now. In the past, they won a Best Couple Award thanks to their outstanding chemistry in the series. 

jang hyuk - jang na ra

According to Jang Nara in a past interview, she and Jang Hyuk “meet often, and would talk to each other about numerous problems in their lives”. 

Peter Ho 

peter ho jang na ra
Peter Ho and Jang Nara worked together in the past.

The media also reported that famous singer-actor Peter Ho will attend Jang Nara’s special  day. Previously, they worked together on the set of “My Bratty Princess”, and have stayed tight every since. 

peter ho jang na ra
Now, they are still friends.

In the past, there were rumors circulating around about Jang Nara and Peter Ho’s relationship, but Jang Nara simply brushed them off. At the time, the actress wasn’t even fluent in Chinese, and couldn’t converse with Peter Ho normally, let alone date him. 


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