J.Estina’s muse… IU’s sporty fashion pictorial released J.Estina’s muse… IU’s sporty fashion pictorial released


J.Estina revealed that they released a summer fashion pictorial with IU through the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan.

Under the theme of “Go For It“, this pictorial expresses the healthy exercise hobbies of the MZ generation, who values balance in life, through summer fashion.

IU cosmopolitan

It suggests a sophisticated style such as adding a pearl or chain necklace to trendy sportswear with a taste that does not lose its stylishness even when exercising.

IU cosmopolitan

IU, who showed a fresh atmosphere unique to early summer with bright and lively makeup and hairstyle, completed a fashionable athleisure look by layering silver jewelry with a chunky chain motif as well as matching gold jewelry with emerald (IU’s birthstone) in the center and a metal watch that accentuates the summer look.

The pictorial will be released in Cosmopolitan’s July issue, and related videos will be released through Cosmopolitan’s official SNS.

IU cosmopolitan

Source: insight


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