IVE’s center Jang Won-young, today’s look is even more beautiful than yesterday’s


Together with IVE’s rise in popularity, Jang Won-young is also proving her presence as the center of the group and an ‘all-rounder’ idol with her talents and visual. 

IVE is really a trend. Less than a year after their debut, IVE already established itself as a representative girl group of K-pop’s 4th generation.

ive wonyoung

IVE, who made their debut in the music industry in December last year, won 13 music show trophies for their first single “ELEVEN”. They continued to top the music shows by winning 10 more No.1 trophies for the second single “LOVE DIVE”. The third single “After LIVE”, which was released on August 22nd, only dominated various music sites for a week but also achieved 6 more music show wins. 

According to reports, the girl group surpassed 920,000 album copies as initial sales, reaching their career high by becoming a ‘half million seller’. Breaking new records in both digital and physical categories, IVE continues to be a trend.

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While IVE is doing well, “born celebrity” member Jang Won-young also draws keen attention. Participating in Mnet’s survival program “Produce 48”, which ended in 2018, she was only 15 years old at that time and also the youngest trainee. Captivating the viewers with her extraordinary physique and outstanding visual, Jang Won-young won 1st place in the program and became the “National Center”.

Jang Won-young, who made her re-debut with IVE after finishing all the activities with the project group IZ*ONE, has emerged as an “MZ Generation Wannabe Icon” with her dazzling and diverse charms. Along with IVE’s syndrome-class popularity, Jang Won-young has been cast as an advertising model for many famous brands of different kinds, such as fashion, beauty, jewelry and outdoor clothing, proving herself as a rising star. The public is raising high expectations for Jang Won-young’s future, whose today’s appearance is more beautiful than yesterday’s. 


Here are some impressive images of Jang Won-young captured through the camera of reporters.

ive wonyoung
The appearance of ‘Giant Baby’ Jang Won-young, who is shaking the whole entertainment industry
ive wonyoung
On her way to a music show schedule at dawn, she still boasted a flawless beauty
ive wonyoung
Beautiful and hardworking Princess Cherry on her way to work
ive wonyoung
Showing up at the award ceremony with a mature vibe
ive wonyoung
A chic black swan
ive wonyoung
Celebrities’ airport fashion cannot be excluded
ive wonyoung
She looks pretty even during the days or at night
ive wonyoung
Even when she was wearing a mask, her beauty could not be hidden
Jang Won-young
Jang Won-young’s visuals shine the most on the stage
ive wonyoung
A dancing doll
Jang Won-young
Lovely and cute Jang Won-young can do everything by herself
ive wonyoung
The center chosen by many Korean producers
Jang Wonyoung-IVE
A pure and cute idol
Wonyoung is the pick of many brands
That’s why she’s called an ‘all-rounder’ idol
“Pretty” is not enough describe Jang Won-young’s perfect beauty

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