ITZY’s “CHECKMATE”‘s Newest Concept Photos Once Again Land The Group In Plagiarism Accusations


JYP’s flood of copying accusations seems to affect all of its artists, and ITZY’s “CHECKMATE” is the newest victim.

On June 12th, JYP unveiled the first concept photos for ITZY’s “CHECKMATE”. While the pictorial is mostly praised, certain controversies also arise, including plagiarism allegations. 

ITZY's 'Checkmate'
ITZY’s new concept photo. 

In particular, ITZY’s “CHECKMATE” opted for a black and white concept befitting of the name “CHECKMATE”. Despite the simple background, proper stylings and makeup for each member made the girl group look classy and luxurious. 

ITZY Checkmate
Yeji boasted an outstanding aura. 

The clothes adorned by ITZY members also fit the group extremely well, and from choices of accessories and nails, to hairstyles, JYP managed to highlight ITZY probably, unlike in previous incidents. 

ITZY Checkmate
Chaeryeong’s makeup made the idol look chic but still youthful. 

In addition, the poses and vibes of ITZY members also drew heaps of praises. For once, fans find nothing to complain about their new concept photos. 

ITZY Checkmate
Ryujin looked extremely cool and eye-catching in her new look.
ITZY Checkmate
While Lia also impressed in her latest concept photo. 

However, other netizens started to get doubtful the longer they stared at the photos and finally found resemblances between ITZY’s new pictorial with VIVIZ’s concept photo for their mini-album “Beam of Prism”.

The VIVIZ photoshoot said to be the “original” of ITZY. 

According to these people, the pose, concept, and color scheme between the two shoots are uncannily similar. In addition, Yuna’s outfit looked like a copy of SinB’s clothes. Many people also brought up old cases of plagiarism regarding ITZY and started to mock JYP and their alleged “copycat” tendencies. 

VIVIZ’s pictorial for “Beam of Prism” shared the same concept, said netizens. 
ITZY Checkmate
Yuna’s pose and outfit, in particular, was accused of stealing from Eunha and SinB. 

It seems that every time JYP drops a new project, plagiarism accusations arise. Just recently, ITZY Ryujin and Yeji’s performance for Studio Choom, was accused of copying the Red Velvet sub-unit of Irene and Seulgi. 

ryujin yeji mix & max
Ryujin and Yeji’s “twin” look in their latest appearance on Studio Choom. 
irene seulgi
“Monster” by Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi also shared the same concept. 

Previously, ITZY’s promotion for “Not Shy” also drew negative attention due to copying allegations. In particular, Chaeryeong was discovered to wear the same shorts as BLACKPINK Rosé.

Rose Blackpink
The similar shorts and “alleged” copied styling between Rosé and Chaeryeong. 
blackpink itzy
ITZY’s clothes also allegedly resemble BLACKPINK many other times. 

Against all these accusations, however, some netizens do express that the concept of ITZY’s CHECKMATE is common enough for it to not be plagiarism. 


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