“It’s still amazing every time I watch it,” a famous idol group’s dance video with sliding and jumping is going viral

"It's still amazing every time I watch it," a famous idol group’s dance video with sliding and jumping is going viral

The past choreography video of a male idol group, who is well known for their performances since debut, is becoming a hot topic again.

In the current so-called “K-pop heyday,” various male idols such as BTS, Seventeen, ENHYPEN, and NCT are gaining popularity.

The Boyz

Among them, there is an idol group who is mentioned with their great performances every time.

They are THE BOYZ. On August 16, THE BOYZ made a spectacular comeback with their seventh mini-album “BE AWARE”.

The Boyz

THE BOYZ, which debuted in December 2017, has been steadily loved by K-pop fans and maintains a solid fandom worldwide.

The Boyz

They appeared on Mnet’s “Road to Kingdom” in 2020 and left a series of legendary performances, winning the final title among their prominent seniors and juniors.

The Boyz

The choreography video of their cover stage of SHINee Taemin’s “Danger”, which was performed at “Road to Kingdom” at the time, continues to be talked about among K-pop fans two years later and is considered a “legend.”

The Boyz

In the video, they performed a variety of choreography, such as dropping their bodies down from the desk, sliding on the floor, jumping and climbing on the desk at once.

The Boyz

Member Sunwoo also showed a tremendous performance on the table, which was being held up by the members.

The Boyz

They tilted their desks and he fell onto the stage, before flying on the backs of the jumping members, surprising many people. 

The Boyz

Netizens who watched the stage video were amazed, showing reactions such as “This is amazing,” “How did they pull that off,” and “It’s still amazing no matter how many time I watch it.”

THE BOYZ’s practice video for “Road to Kingdom”
The Boyz
They also received rave reviews for their perfect performance on the main stage.

The agency recently reported the activity suspension of member Sunwoo due to his health problems.

Meanwhile, on Aug 30th, IST Entertainment announced on its official website that member Sunwoo would temporarily postpone all of his activities.

The agency said, “Recently, Sunwoo expressed to us his poor condition and health difficulties,” which worried his fans. IST Entertainment continued, “After careful discussion with the artist himself, we have decided that he should relax  to focus on recovering his health, and temporarily stop his activities.” The agency said, “We ask for your understanding regarding the artist’s decision as we prioritize the health of our artists,” adding, “We will notify the public of his future recovery situation and his return schedule.”

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