‘It’s Not My Fault Your Husband Left You’

"It's Not My Fault Your Husband Left You & Played Sleep While They Beat You" - Blueface's Mother Turns On Her Daughter 

“It’s Not My Fault Your Husband Left You & Played Sleep While They Beat You” – Blueface’s Mother Turns On Her Daughter, She Responds

Blueface’s sister Kali Miller, recently revealed that her husband left her following fight with the rapper’s girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

“My husband left me. Pay for me,” Kali wrote on Twitter over the weekend.

Despite Blue’s girlfriend Chrisean Rock admitting that it was her who fought the mother and daughter—plus video from the fight—Kali and Karlissa say that’s not the whole story.

Initially, Blueface’s sister and mother united against the rapper and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock after they allegedly beat them up. Well, Blueface’s mother has now turned on her daughter.

“It’s not my fault your husband left you.. It’s not my fault he played sleep while they beat you up. It’s not my fault he took out over there. My husband bought you 2 cars after that pretend husband wrecked them,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

“How dare you lie and say he would have me sleep in a car. Now you have no dad again.”

In response, Kali wrote: “I’m the last real one in this family. Lmaoooo imagine putting everything on the line for your mother and this is her response. Maybe y’all was right. I was a dumb *as.”


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