It’s been 7 years since Sunye left Wonder Girls but she is still being criticized…. How many more times does she have to explain it?


Former Wonder Girls member Sunye straightforwardly responded to people who poured out indiscriminate criticism toward her.

Sunye recently appeared on Channel A’s “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center” and explain the situation when she left Wonder Girls. Sunye confessed that the emptiness that she suffered after her father and grandfather passed away made her lose interest in performing on the stage. Then, as it was rumored that Wonder Girls could not carry out activities because Sunye met the right person she wanted to marry, Sunye decided to leave the group. She also delivered a sincere apology to fans who had been hurt by her decision.


After the broadcast, some people pointed out that Sunye was trying to gain attention by revealing an emotional confession. In response, Sunye said, “We had a great time this summer, we shared happy moments, and that’s enough. I think the same thing can be misunderstood by some people but accepted by others. Let’s think of good memories only.”

However, as excessive criticism continued, Sunye eventually made a straight face. On September 20th, Sunye decided to explain the story of her withdrawal from Wonder Girls that she mentioned on “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center”.

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Sunye sincerely expressed her desire to apologize although the story about Wonder Girls was sensitive. She said, “Many people criticized me, asking why I left the group and saying that all of my explanations are just excuses because I was being selfish. Of course, it was a decision I made with a selfish mind. I constantly consulted and apologized to the company and the members who went through everything because of me, and thankfully, they understood my choice of getting married. That’s why I am living with a lifelong debt to the members, my family, and the company.”


She then made a firm stance, saying “Nevertheless, I have nothing more to say to those who attack me maliciously with indiscriminate comments and words. I don’t know what more you want or what stories you wish to hear from me.

At the wedding press conference, I didn’t say I would retire but promised that I would sing as long as my voice still allows me to do so, and somehow I managed to sing again after 10 years. It is true that I made a selfish choice, but I have nothing more to say to outsiders who are approaching my family with unreasonable intentions and who are digging too far to know everything inside.”


Sunye also revealed that the reason she mentioned her boyfriend when appearing on “Strong Heart” was that she wanted to inform everyone of her marriage in person, not through articles. She said, “Many people looked at me from a different perspective, judged me, and called me a traitor. Did they say that because their lives have been ruined by me, or because they got a great shock because of me? Then, from my point of view, I guess it is okay for me to think the same way about those who weren’t there when Wonder Girls came back after they went to the U.S. I’m trying to explain and wrap up these meaningless issues so that I and the people who support me no longer have to care about them.”


Some people expressed regrets, saying that all the plans for Wonder Girls when the group was in its heyday came to nothing due to Sun-ye’s withdrawal and marriage. However, the Wonder Girls made a comeback as a four-member group after Sun-ye and So-hee left in 2015, and proved their popularity with “Why So Lonely”. The members are also cheering for each other and maintaining close relationships.


From the perspective of fans, the fact that the group they liked disbanded can be a great disappointment. In response, Sunye did apologize several times, and seven years already passed. Group disbandment cannot be determined simply by one person’s fault. There are numerous invisible reasons involved in it. Therefore, branding a person as a traitor and pouring out criticism is not a good way to express affection for a favorite group.

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