“I got DMs from my girlfriend’s friend whom I’ve seen a few times at drinking parties…”


“She asked me not to tell my girlfriend about this…”

On Sep 22nd, the story of a man who received absurd DMs from his girlfriend’s friend was uploaded on an online community.

The author A said, “I’ve seen my girlfriend’s friend (B) a few times at drinking parties.”

A continued, “I received B’s reply to the Instagram story I posted yesterday, so I exchanged texts with her. She seemed very drunk. She told me ‘Don’t tell your girlfriend. I have something to say. I want to meet you and talk to you’.”

Love Story

When A did not reply, B once again sent a DM saying, “Oppa, I’m drunk.

A revealed, “She told me ‘Actually, I contact you while I’m drunk because I liked you so much from the first time I saw you. I know I shouldn’t do this to my friend’s boyfriend, but I can’t control my heart’.”

A added, “B contacted me the next day. She apologized and asked a favor ‘I made a mistake since I was drunk. I didn’t just contact you. I did it to several people. I hope there’s no misunderstanding. I’m so sorry. Please never tell my friend about this’.”

Regarding this, A expressed his concerns, “What should I do? The two of them are pretty close though. Should I just forget it without telling my girlfriend?”

Love Story

Netizens who heard the story showed various reactions. There were reactions such as “I feel sorry for the girlfriend who is friends with such a person. If I were A, I’d tell the girlfriend”, “How can you approach your friend’s boyfriend?”, “B is a person who’ll make a big trouble”…

On the contrary, there were opinions such as “It’d be comfortable to just move on”, “B may have made a mistake”, “I don’t think it’s possible to hide someone’s heart”…

If you were A, what would you do?

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