Her ex-boyfriend is a part of the LGBT community…A friend to Jung Hye-sung is? (‘New Normal Zine’)


Actress Jung Hye-sung, who is showing her passionate performance as the main character “Cha Ji-min” in “New Normal Zine” expressed her thoughts on the keywords “friend,” “love” and “work” in the drama.

“New Normal Zine,” starring Jung Hye-sung, is set in “New Normal Zine,” a digital magazine that lead the trend, where the characters deal with “true” friendships, work lives, and relationships that are not easy even for the free-spirited MZ generation. In the 3rd and 4th episodes, which are recently released, aside from the questions about “Polyamory,” which means being in a relationship that has more than two people at the same time, the series even deals with the shocking situation where a woman’s ex-boyfriend is actually a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Jung Hye-sung, playing the main character “Cha Ji-min” who is at the center of all these incidents, said, “I thought that friendship are precious people who have been around for a long time and you are comfortable with them,” adding, “However, as I act as Cha Ji-min, I realize that friendship doesn’t mean you have to be together for a long time already to be friends, and you can be friends anytime, anywhere, that’s how Ji-min thought.”

Like Jung Hye-sung’s story, Ji-min, who thought they can only be friends if they met as children or had the same interests, cannot find sympathy from such friends and defines Song Ro-ji (played by Hwang Seung-eon) and marketer colleague Yoon Jae-yi (played by Kim Ah-hyun) as her friends.

jung hye sung

Meanwhile, ‘New Normal Zine’ is also attracting attention with its unpredictable love line. Ji-min began to have a crush on the talented beauty editor Jung Seok-jin (Lee Won-jung), who seems to have a secret, but his family-like senior Do Bo-hyun (Jang Jang-soo) also doesn’t let go of his subtle interest in Jimin. Jung Hye-sung said, “I’m the type of person who actively expresses my feelings when I like someone, so I honestly go straight for what I want,” adding, “I hope my lover will have similar characteristics to me, and I dream of a comfortable relationship where I share my small daily life with a calm person,” Jung Hye-sung shared her view on love.

Jung Hye-sung plays an editor at the “New Normal Zine” and depicts a war-like work-life realistically in the drama. Regarding the “job I want to take on if I become an office worker,” Jung Hye-sung said, “I’ve never thought about any job other than an actor’s job, but I’m usually interested in fashion, so I think it’ll be fun to take on a “fashion marketing” job.”

The office survival story of young people these days, “New Normal Zine,” will be released every Friday at 4 p.m. on “TVING,” and can be watched on the official YouTube of Playlist.

Source: Daum


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