“Hangout with Yoo” reclaimed the No.1 spot (Koreans’ favorite show) in 8 months thanks to WSG Wannabe


As a result of Gallup Korea asking 1,000 people over the age of 18 nationwide from June 14th to 16th, MBC’s Saturday evening entertainment show “Hangout with Yoo” returned to No.1 in 8 months with a preference of 4.9%.

“Hangout with Yoo“, which started in July 2019, is a program where star PD Kim Tae-ho and national MC Yoo Jae-suk reunited after the end of “Infinite Challenge” in March 2018. In the special segment “Bbong For Yoo”, Yoo Jae-suk debuted as trot singer “Yoo San-seul” and created a big sensation, leading to Hangout with Yoo’s first place among TV programs. Afterwards, with successive successes of project groups “SSAK3”, “Refund Sisters” and “MSG Wannabe”, the show topped the list in May~June last year. Although its PD left at the beginning of this year, it regained momentum thanks to “WSG Wannabe”.

Hangout With Yoo

The second most popular TV program this month is KBS1’s evening daily drama “Bravo, My Life” (4.0%). “Bravo, My Life” revolves around Seo Dong-hee (played by Nam Sang-ji), a single mother who chooses to be her nephew’s mother. It also depicts her struggle during the course of life.

Director Seong Jun-hae and writer Gu Ji-won reunited in this drama. Their previous work “Home for Summer” maintained the top spot for 4 months in a row from July 2019. “Home for Summer” also portrayed a new family relationship through adoption.

bravo my life

KBS2’s evening daily drama “Gold Mask” (2.9%, 6th place) starring Cha Ye-ryun (as Yoo Soo-yeon), Lee Hyun-jin (as Kang Dong-ha) and SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her’” (2.1%, 10th place) starring Seo Hyun-jin (as Oh Soo-jae), Hwang In-youp (as Gong Chan) newly entered the top 10.

Besides, “You Quiz on the Block” (tvN, 3.8%) ranked 3rd, “It’s Beautiful Now” (KBS2 weekend, 3.7%) ranked 4th, “Our Blues” (tvN weekend, 3.6%) ranked 5th, “I Am a Natural Person” (MBN, 2.5%) ranked 7th, “Running Man” (SBS) and “1 Night 2 Days Season 4” (KBS2) (over 2.4%) were tied for 8th place.

From No.11 to 20, two soccer entertainment shows “We Kick Together 2” (JTBC, 1.5%, 12th place), “Kick A Goal” (SBS, 1.4%, 16th place) and “My Golden Kids (Channel A, 0.8%, 20th place) – the entertainment program led by parenting experts such as Dr. Oh Eun-young – entered the list again. 

“I Live Alone” (MBC, 1.9%, 11th place), “Bloody Heart” (KBS2 Monday-Tuesday), “My Liberation Notes” (JTBC weekend), “My Little Old Boy” (SBS) (over 1.5%, joint 12th place), “World Theme Travel” (EBS, 1.3%, 17th place), “Miss Trot 2” (TV Chosun, 1.2%, 18th place) and “Strong Enemies” (TV Chosun, 0.9%, 19th place) were also included.

Source: Daum


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