Han Hyo-joo and Oh Seung-joo join the cast lineup for the movie “Believer 2” scheduled to premiere on Netflix


“Believer” changes its screening method from the big screen to OTT to expand the scale of the series.

The movie “Believer” (directed by Lee Hae-young), which was released in 2018 and opened a new horizon for action-crime movies by gaining accumulatively 5.2 million admissions, will return as Netflix’s “Believer 2” (directed by Baek Jong-yeol). Apart from the reappearance of original members who led the previous work, the joining of new characters and new actors is expected to unfold a more interesting worldview of “Believer”.

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“Believer”, starring Cho Jin-woong, Ryu Jun-yeol, Cha Seung-won, Kim Joo-hyuk, and Jin Seo-yeon, depicts the story that happens when detective Won-ho, who has been tracking Asia’s biggest drug cartel, finds out the truth inside cartel with the help of Rak, an abandoned member. “Believer 2” will follow Won-ho’s journey to find Rak, who has gone missing. The production team is trying to expand the background of the story beyond Korea to overseas.


Cho Jin-woong, who played Won-ho, and Cha Seung-won, who played Brian, already decided to join “Believer 2” early on. Lee Joo-young and Kim Dong-young, who presented eye-catching performance as strong and hip characters, has just recently confirmed their appearance in the second movie of the series. Ryu Jun-yeol, who plays Rak, however, cannot participate in the project this time. Therefore the production team has started looking for a new actor for this role through auditions. Jin Seo-yeon, who had considered joining, also decided to drop out of the movie after discussions.


As a result, a new atmosphere in “Believer 2” will be brought about by Han Hyo-joo and Oh Seung-hoon, who will join the original members in this project.  Han Hyo-joo is trying to make a transformation in her image with the most intense character, which can be felt through the name “Big Knife”, in her filmography. “Big Knife” is the person who knows the true identity of boss Lee of the cartel. The appearance of this character is expected to bring an unexpected crisis and add more tension to the story.

Oh Seung-hoon was cast for the role of Rak, which was played by Ryu Jun-yeol in the previous movie. Oh Seung-hoon, who began his career in the entertainment industry in 2013 through commercials, has built up his acting skills by playing diverse characters in different fields, including theater, musical, drama, and movie. Earlier this year, he proved his presence by appearing in SBS’s “Through The Darkness” as the red hat character and KBS 2TV’s “Bloody Heart”. By taking on the role of the new Rak in “Believer 2”, he is expected to rise as a representative of the next generation of talented actors.


“Believer 2”, which is planned to be produced as a Netflix film rather than a screen release, will be directed by “Beauty Inside” director Baek Jong-yeol, not director Lee Hae-young of “Believer”. The production company Yong Film not only continues “Believer” movie series with Netflix but also plans to make a drama version under the name “Believer 0”


Korean sequel contents, including TV dramas, movies and OTT series, are recently being announced one after another. “The Roundup, the sequel to “The Outlaws”, has just surpassed 10 million admissions and the production of “Squid Game Season 2” was also confirmed. Therefore, attention is being paid to how “Believer” will expand its worldview. “Believer 2”, which has wrapped up its main casting with the joining of original members and new actors as well as pre-production stages, will begin filming soon.

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