GOT7’s Jackson suspected of being involved in Li Yifeng’s scandal, exposed by a longtime fan? 

GOT7’s Jackson suspected of being involved in Li Yifeng’s scandal, exposed by a longtime fan? 

Jackson is rumored to be involved in the prostitution scandal of Li Yifeng, who is now under arrest.

On September 12, a netizen who claimed to be a fan of GOT7’s Jackson Wang since 2018, discovered that Jackson had an allegedly close relationship with Blase (Wan Wan), a female influencer involved with Li Yifeng. Blase produced Jackson’s single “Can’t Breathe”, and Jackson was found to have worn a shirt designed by Blase.

This fan added that Jackson was often photographed going to nightclubs when returning to China and even revealed a list of nightclubs that the male idol often went to. They accused the male singer of being a player and that he was once close to former BIGBANG’s member Seungri, sparking a theory that Jackson, Seungri, Li Yifeng, and Blase used to hang out in the same club.

The fan also accused Jackson of treating fans poorly. Specifically, March 28 is the male idol’s birthday. So on March 29 of this year, Jackson posted photos of a birthday exhibition done by fans. However, at the time he posted, the exhibition was still not open, so fans did not understand where Jackson’s photos came from. After that, the fansite that organized the exhibition revealed that the male idol had contacted them in advance to have pictures just so he could show off on SNS. This made many fans disappointed and the fansite even shut down.

Immediately after the rumor that Jackson would be named among the 17 people involved in Li Yifeng’s incident spread, a fansite following the male idol for 8 years announced his departure from the fandom. This person owns more than 80K followers on Weibo.

A series of Jackson’s controversial statements made when participating in a Korean program was also dug up. The male idol was criticized for being patriarchal and sexist for saying “Don’t interfere when a man is talking”. 

In March this year, a fansite once accused Jackson’s company of discriminating against fans. The incident caused a huge discontent that many fansites simultaneously changed their avatar to black on Weibo to demand justice.

Currently, Jackson’s side has not yet given any response to the above rumors. Netizens are looking forwards to the next move of the hot girl Blase about the 17 names she said which related to Li Yifeng’s scandal. If the name of Jackson Wang doesn’t appear on the list, all these buzzing rumors will eventually die down.


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