Gong Yoo shows his boyfriend material vibe through newly unveiled past photos


Actor Gong Yoo once again opened a photo album of memories.

On the afternoon of the 11th, Gong Yoo posted several past photos on the official SNS, saying “Back in time 2” and “Back in time 3“.

In the photo, Gong Yoo is playing tennis after taking off his shirt on a hot summer day. Gong Yoo sniped the global women’s hearts by showing off his perfect body proportions as well as his solid physique.

gong yoo instagram

Not only that, but Gong Yoo also flaunted the moment of enjoying a relaxing time while sunbathing on the beach. In another photo, he is sitting in a restaurant abroad, staring at the menu.

Meanwhile, Gong Yoo appeared in the Netflix series ‘Sea of ​​Silence’, which was released in December last year.

gong yoo

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