(G)I-DLE Soyeon came under criticism for copyrighting a plagiarized song


4 months after issuing an apology for plagiarism, Soyeon was discovered to have copyrighted her controversial song. 

Recently, netizens have discovered that the song “SUN” has been copyrighted on the KOMCA system (Korea Music Copyright Association) under the name of (G)I-DLE Soyeon. This is the song Soyeon composed and wrote for the finale of the survival show “My Teenage Girl” and came under suspicion of plagiarism because of its similar sound to ATEEZ’s song “Wave”.


Earlier in March, Soyeon officially apologized for plagiarism. Cube Entertainment also apologized and added the credits to Eden-ary, the production team that created “Wave”. However, the incident was met with more criticism when it was revealed that the members of Eden-ary were not informed about this additional credit.

Now, the credits for “SUN” on the registration information with KOMCA also do not include Eden-ary’s name, but only Soyeon and musician/producer Pop Time. Eden-ary has also disappeared from the song credits of online music platforms. Accordingly, netizens are criticizing Soyeon for trying to make a profit from a plagiarized work and not respecting the original songwriter, even accusing Soyeon of waiting for the controversy to subside before quietly registering the copyright.

On online music sites, the credits for “SUN” also don’t include Eden-ary

Soyeon is fondly called by fans with the nickname “genius songwriter” because of her composing skills as well as the popularity of her self-produced songs. However, the recent plagiarism controversy has damaged her image. At the moment, Soyeon and Cube Entertainment have not yet responded to the above copyright registration.


Source: Billboardvn


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