(G)-IDLE Soyeon – a talented Kpop idol whose success goes hand in hand with scandals (G)-IDLE Soyeon


The leader of (G)-IDLE, Soyeon, is respected for her talent, but has also been embroiled in controversies. 

Born in 1998, Soyeon debuted under Cube Entertainment, and became the leader of the famous girl group (G)-IDLE. She has always been well-known for her extreme talent and music producing ability. 

Soyeon is among the most talented Kpop idols.

Soyeon made her first appearance in the 2016 Mnet survival show “Produce 101”. Despite not making it to the winner group I.O.I, the female idol managed to make a deep impression with her impressive rapping ability and stage presence. 

Soyeon gained recognition through the famous survival show “Produce 101”

Later, when recalling her experience at “Produce 101”, Soyeon shared that she was rather limited by the show roles. In addition, the female idol added that she felt uncomfortable wearing the show’s iconic pink uniform, since she has a strong personality. However, her honest sharing became a source of criticism, with netizens claiming that Soyeon was disrespecting the show that brought her fame. Many others also misinterpreted her words as looking down on femininity and other girls, and thus, threw harsh words at the female idl. 

Soyeon shared that the pink and girly uniform of “Produce 101” made her uncomfortable

After “Produce 101”, Soyeon continued to appear in the rap show “Unpretty Rapstar”. There, Soyeon was able to show a truer color of herself, and despite her inexperience, managed to come in 3rd place. 

Soyeon boasted impressive rapping skills on “Unpretty Rapstar” 

Now, Soyeon has become well-known as the strong and talented leader of Cube girl group (G)-IDLE. However, even now, she was unable to avoid controversies.

Soyeon is considered to be the perfect leader for (G)-IDLE

In February 2021, Soyeon was accused of being an “iljin”, who hung out with bad students and did inappropriate actions, and quickly received the ire of netizens. However, the accusations were never accompanied by any evidence, and along with Soyeon’s silence, many people also forgot about the incident. 

The accuser posted a photo of a yearbook that included Soyeon 

Recently, Soyeon became a mentor of survival show “My Teenage Girl”, and earned respect from many others. She was a straightforward judge and mentor, who gave direct, yet not too harsh comments. 

Soyeon drew attention for becoming a survival show mentor despite her young age

However, the song “SUN”, composed by Soyeon for the finale of the show, was suddenly accused of plagiarism. Accordingly, many people recognized the similarity in melody between “SUN” and the song “Wave” by boy group ATEEZ.

The song “SUN” by Soyeon was accused of plagiarism, causing the female idol to be heavily criticized. 

Facing the audience’s outrage, CUBE announced that they would pay more attention to the matter, and Soyeon also quickly contacted the producer of “Wave” directly to apologize. In particular, Soyeon requested to change the credit and add the name of “WAVE”‘s production team. As for ATEEZ‘s management company, they said that although the production team’s name is listed in the credits, they have not yet allowed CUBE to use the original song or the producer’s name.

Soyeon herself admitted and apologized to the production team of “WAVE”

After 4 months since Soyeon admitted and apologized for plagiarism, the song “SUN” was once again caught in controversy. Netizens discovered that the song was copyrighted on the KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) system under the name of (G)I-DLE Soyeon. Even the name of the original song’s production team was removed from the credits even though they were added earlier. This action has caused a huge wave of outrage on SNS, voicing criticism of the female idol.

Soyeon was once again chastised by netizens for copyrighting the song she plagiarized. 

Many people think that Soyeon is trying to make a profit from a counterfeit product. Therefore, Soyeon’s nickname “genius artist” also gradually lost its position with the public.

Soyeon’s beautiful image also disappeared in the hearts of the public. 
(G)I-DLE Soyeon-MCountdown-Tomboy
Fans are waiting for Soyeon to speak up about this matter. 


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