From when she was a minor… The actress who had an affair with a married man, recent status revealed

From when she was a minor... The actress who had an affair with a married man, recent status revealed

Japanese actress Erika Karata, who had an affair with Masahiro Higashide, will return with a new work.

On Sep 9th, a trailer for the movie “No Hō e, Nagareru” starring Erika Karata and Endo Yuya was uploaded on the YouTube channel “film chiyuw”.

Erika Katana

In this work, Erika Karata plays Satomi, who quits her job and works at her sister’s general store. Endo Yuya plays her lover Tomotoku. The film is scheduled to be released on Nov 26th.

Erika Katana

Erika Karata is a Japanese actress who made her face known to Korean fans by working with Song Joong-ki in tvN’s drama “Arthdal Chronicles” in 2019 and appearing in the music video for singer Naul’s “Emptiness in Memory”.

Erika Katana

She met Masahiro Higashide through the 2018 film “Asako I & II” and continued the affair with him. Erika Karata was a minor at that time, adding shock to the belatedly known affair.

Erika Katana

Higashide married his wife Anne in 2015. They have a son and twin daughters. Erika Karata continued the relationship even though her affair with Masahiro Higashide was caught twice by his wife Anne.

Erika Katana

As the controversy spread, Erika Karata’s agency said, “Erika is reflecting on her careless behavior and deeply accepting her weakness, rashness, and foolishness. We will make efforts to prevent similar actions from happening”.

Erika Katana

After more than a year of self-reflection, Erika Karata returned in September 2021 with the release of her short film “Something in the Air”, which was shown at “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2022 S/S.”

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