From Taeyeon to Lee Min-jung… Here are some “worst” fashions of celebrities at official public events


Even stars who are known as fashionistas sometimes fail to pull off particular outfits perfectly.

We listed several stars who made their appearance in front of the photo wall of public events with “too much” stylings and “worst” fashions.

Lee Min-jung | “Confidential Assignment 2: International” VIP Preview 

lee min jung

Lee Min-jung appeared in dizzying painting patterns and an eye-catching large-sized bag, making a “comeback” to the fashion of 10 years ago. Her colorful dress, which looks like it can be found at a vintage store in front of Hongdae, attracted attention in many ways.

Taeyeon | “Confidential Assignment 2: International” VIP Preview 

taeyeon snsd

Taeyeon showed up in a casual look with a cropped jacket and denim pants. Her cropped jacket with an avant-garde atmosphere and ripped denim pants created a weird combination. The awkward styling of the top and bottom parts as if they were selected separately confused the eyes of everyone. It is quite regrettable since she could have presented a better look with another kind of bottom that can match the unique styling of the top.

Jung So-min | “Project Wolf Hunting” Press Conference

jung so min

Jung So-min showed a chic atmosphere with a jacket and skirt. The combination of a black short jacket, skirt, and middle boots in uniform created an excessively calm look. Jung So-min’s skirt that slightly crosses her knees with a hard-to-understand length and her mid-height boot that covers her ankles combined and made a stuffy impression. Many people found the details of her blouse an awkward point as it brought the feeling that the clothes were sticking out.

Seol In-ah | “Project Wolf Hunting” Press Conference

seol in ah

Seol In-ah attended the press conference in a casual style. The basic-fit knit top and boxy leather pants she wore exuded a boyish atmosphere. However, the design and texture of the pants reminded people of hip-hop dance. The vague and weird loose fit of the pants also failed to give the trendy feeling of a “street casual” outfit. The actress also selected a quite plain top with no unique detail.

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