Freezia Showing Off Her Low-rise Fashion With Solid Abs And Zero Flabby Body


Freezia (real name Song Jia) reported her recent situation.

On the 13th, Song Jia posted several photos on her Instagram.

In the published photo, Freesia completed a sophisticated style by matching an orange top with low-rise pants.

Song Ji-ah attracts attention with her attractive body and solid abs. Her charming shoulders and long slender legs also make many people admire.

song ji a instagram

Meanwhile, Freezia appeared on Netflix’s ‘single’s inferno’ and gathered a lot of attention. However, she immediately got into controversies of wearing fake clothes. She later apologized and took a 5-month hiatus. Recently, Song Jia came back to SNS and expressed her gratitude to her fans. 

Meanwhile, Song Ji-a recently volunteered at the Catholic Love and Peace House with actress Kang Ye-won, the representative of her agency, and Park Ji-yeon, the wife of Lee Soo-geun.

song ji a

Source: dispatch


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