“Fortunately, I’m already married,” a surprising story about Son Seok-gu is going viral


A review written by a magazine editor who has conducted an interview with actor Son Seok-gu is going viral online. 

Magazine editor A wrote about his feelings for Son Seok-gu on his Instagram.

Son Seok gu

“I interviewed Seok-gu last week,” he said, adding, “He wasn’t a soft guy, he was a little cynical, and each of his answers was very cool and very sexy.” A said, “After the interview, I was looking for music to listen to while sitting in the car to go home. Someone knocked on the window of my car. It was Seok-gu. Without saying much, he gave me that fan, saying, “Take this,” and left,” he said. “I looked for his sign on the fan because I thought he had signed it, but there was non. It was just a promotional fan with his face on it. Why did he give it to me? I’m still thinking about it,” he said.

son seok koo

He then confessed, “Oh, this is dangerous. I’m glad I’m a married man. If I were a woman, it would have been fatal. Even when I die, I would die thinking about Son Seok-gu’s fan. I’ll ask him when I see him again. Why did he give me that fan?”

My Liberation Notes

Son Seok-gu is having his best days after succeeding in the drama “D.P.” and “My Liberation Note” and the movie “The Roundup.“

Source: wikitree


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