Former (G)I-DLE member Soojin, one year after school violence exposure… Seo Shin-ae’s Instagram current status

Former (G)I-DLE member Soojin, one year after school violence exposure... Seo Shin-ae's Instagram current status

It has already been a year since former (G)I-DLE member Soojin withdrew from the team due to controversy over school violence. 

In August last year, the agency Cube Entertainment announced that Soojin, who was temporarily suspending her activities due to controversy over school violence, would withdraw from the team.

As Soojin left the group, (G)I-DLE continued their activities with a five-member system.

Seo Shin Ae

Netizen A, who previously claimed to be Soojin’s middle school classmate’s family member, complained of damage by posting on an online community that his/her younger sister was bullied at school by Seo Soo-jin.

As Soojin’s school violence controversy spread widely, actress Seo Shin-ae later revealed through her personal Instagram account that she had been bullied by Soojin for 2 years.

Seo Shin Ae

Seo Shin-ae did not mention Soojin’s name directly, but claimed that she had been subjected to unilateral criticism and personal attacks.

She then caused a stir by mentioning specific remarks such as “She’s not even pretty so how is she a celebrity?” and “Her fame is already a thing of the past.”

Afterwards, Soojin had a legal battle with a netizen who exposed her as a school violence perpetrator, but the result was disastrous.

On Sep 8th, Soojin’s side announced in a statement, “Soojin filed a criminal lawsuit against the person who made revelations to end the controversy through legal proceedings, but the police decided to clear all charges.”

They added, “After several discussions, Soojin decided not to proceed with any legal proceedings in the future, judging that she can no longer find the truth to such allegations through legal procedures.”

Although Soojin’s controversy over school violence is coming to an end, the current status of Seo Shin-ae’s Instagram is not very bright.


This is because Seo Shin-ae intermittently posts daily photos even after the revelation, but the “comments window” is rarely opened.

It seems that some fans, who were angry with Soojin leaving (G)I-DLE due to controversy over school violence, left malicious comments on Instagram, which made Seo Shin-ae close the comments window.


Meanwhile, fans are worried as Seo Shin-ae has not uploaded anything on the feed since Aug 19th.

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