Finally, the first appearance on a variety show… “This actor” will appear on “My Little Old Boy”

Finally, the first appearance on a variety show... "This actor" will appear on "My Little Old Boy"

The Sep 18th broadcast of SBS’ “My Little Old Boy” will feature Joo Jong-hyuk, who made his name known as Kwon Min-woo in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“.

In a preview video that was recently released prior to the main broadcast, Joo Jong-hyuk received applause for his first appearance on a variety show.

When asked about his first impression of the cast, he replied, “I heard that the mothers are better in person. Everyone is so pretty.” Shin Dong-yup exclaimed, “You’re good at (entertainment shows).” Joo Jong-hyuk made everyone laugh as he said, “This is tactician Kwon.”

Joo Jong-hyuk showed a relaxed appearance despite his first variety show appearance. He confessed, “Whenever I’m nervous, I hypnotize myself. I repeat ‘I’m GD’. But today, I’m more comfortable than I thought.”

Joo Jong-hyuk (born in 1991) received the highest score in the 2019 integrated audition of a management company affiliated with Kakao Entertainment by coming through a competition of 700 to 1. He later signed a contract with BH Entertainment, to which Lee Byung-hun belongs.

Before “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, he participated in movies “Spring, Again”, “Warning: Do Not Play”, “Fishing” and dramas “Clean with Passion for Now”, “D.P.”, “The Veil”, “Yumi’s Cells”, “Happiness”.

“Tactician Kwon Min-woo” Joo Jong-hyuk’s first variety show performance will be revealed in detail on “My Little Old Boy”, which is scheduled to air on Sep 18th.

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