Female K-pop idols who draw praise for treating their staff well  Female K-pop idols who draw praise for treating their staff well 


These female idols receive compliments for their good manners towards staff. 

Many idols are close to their staff as they work together every day. The following female idols are so caring toward their staff they receive even more respect and love from fans. 

IVE’s Wonyoung

During a recent schedule at a stadium, IVE’s Wonyoung sweetly asked her manager if he had eaten. When the manager said no, Wonyoung immediately gave a piece of fried chicken to him, showing how warm and considerate she is. 

Wonyoung worried about the manager’s meals during a schedule 
Wonyoung’s kind gesture warms fans’ hearts
Wonyoung is not only pretty but is also a sweetheart 

TWICE’s Jihyo and Mina

During the filming for the show “Time to TWICE: Tdoong Forest”, TWICE’s Jihyo and Mina gained praise for their heartwarming gestures toward the cameramen. They brought food to the staff who were working hard behind the camera with the biggest smiles on their faces. Before handing them grilled sweet potatoes, Jihyo even made sure they were cooled down. 

Jihyo twice
Jihyo gave grilled sweet potatoes to the filming staff
Mina twice
Mina sweetly bought food to the staff


IU’s close relationship with her staff is famous among fans and netizens. She treats her staff like real friends and family members instead of coworkers. When IU left her former agency and moved to Edam Entertainment, all the staff who stood by her side for years continued to accompany her. 

IU and her staff are like a family 

Edam Entertainment is a new company founded and run by CEO Bae Jong Han, IU’s longtime friend and manager. IU’s loyalty was clearly shown when she signed with Edam. IU always prepares expensive gifts and holds surprise birthday parties for her staff, proving how kind she is. 

IU prepared a surprise birthday party for her manager


Chungha is also well-loved by staff members, as the female idol treats her crew with great respect and kindness, and would even gift them luxury items. After her performances, Chungha would also take photos with dancers, employees, and managers.

Chungha is extremely close with her dancers and staff. 
The solo artist even picked out luxury items as presents for staff members.


Famous as they are, BLACKPINK receive a lot of support from dedicated staff. To pay back these efforts and dedication, BLACKPINK once bought every employee, including stylists, hair stylists, makeup artists, and dancers around $3,000 worth of presents.

BLACKPINK always respects and treats YG staff well.
The girl group are also really close with male employees. 
Female staff of BLACKPINK showing off Prada bags the girl group gifted them.


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