Female Celebrities Who Recently Have Recently Brought The Full Bangs Trend (ft. Lisa, Kim Ji-won, NO:ZE, And More)


Many Korean female idols, actresses, and dancers are recently seen appearing with full bangs hairstyles. 

# Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy recently changed her hairstyle to soft and straight bangs. The sparse gaps on her bangs make her look more natural and gentle!

Red Velvet Joy

# Kim Ji-won

Actress Kim Ji-won proves the “standard” of full bangs. Kim Ji-won’s dense bangs that are long enough to cover her eyebrows highlight her puppy-like lovely charm.

Kim Ji Won

# (G)I-DLE’s Minnie

The combination of black hair and full bangs makes Minnie, who has Sanpaku eyes, look much more attractive. The female idol gives off a mysterious atmosphere in this image. 

(G)I-DLE Minnie

The full bangs style is especially recommended for anyone who has a long face because it covers your forehead and makes your face look rounder and cuter.


Lisa is normally seen in hairstyles with bangs because they make her doll-like appearance shine even more. By combining blonde bob hair with dense and soft full bangs, Lisa further emphasizes her unique charm and hip vibe.

blackpink lisa

# LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chae-won

Short hair with bangs highlights Kim Chae-won’s big eyes. She shows off her chic charm by keeping the black color! If Kim Chae-won wants to look a little cuter, she can add some points to her hairstyle by using hairpins.

Kim Chae-won


Dancer NO:ZE, who has long straight hair, increases her chic and stylish vibe to the fullest with full bangs and red lips. 

the full bangs trend

# Lee Sung-kyung

Appearing in the same full bangs style as NO:ZE, Lee Sung-kyung gives off a more refreshing and lovely vibe by dying her hair with light brown color. 

lee sung kyung

Source: Cosmopolitan


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