EXO’s Sehun amazes fans with his shining visual and muscular arms which are even sexier than the expensive car


Sehun of EXO showed off his relaxed appearance in the recent update. 

On the evening of June 20th, Sehun posted a picture on his Instagram. It was an advertisement post for the product by the collaboration between luxury brand D for which Sehun modeled as an ambassador and another brand. Sehun made a wrong hashtag of #advertisement in the caption, but that mistake drew keen attention and created an unexpected promotional effect.


This is not the only thing that stands out from the picture. It is pointed out that Sehun’s white skin and bright-colored shoes contrast with the overall atmosphere of the photo. In addition, the vehicle Sehun sat on is said to be an SUV of the famous brand R, which costs around 200 ~ 300 million won. 

Fans also paid attention to Sehun’s visual. Although Sehun closed his eyes and half of his face was hidden behind the back of his hand, his straight eyebrows and distinctive eyes were clearly seen. Even his tall nose bridge was not covered by the mask. Moreover, Sehun’s straight and skinny fingers also caught the eyes of netizens and fans, making even his playful V sign look luxurious.


Fans commented, “Look at his muscular arms”, “You seem to have gained back muscles by playing basketball recently”, “Is Sehun coming back?”, “Sehun is wearing the cap backward. My heart flutters when I see Sehun’s face”, etc.

EXO Sehun

Meanwhile, Sehun recently appeared in EXO’s entertainment show “EXO’s Ladder Season 3” and revealed his presence as the youngest member of the group. He is currently filming TVing’s original drama “Everything That We Loved” in which he plays the lead role. 


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