Dubbed “the Most Handsome Korean Actor”, Rumored To Date All Sorts Of Beauties 


Korean actor Lee Jong Suk has always drawn attention for his princely looks, but his alleged gang of ex-girlfriends is also the talk of town. 

Lee Jong Suk is now a familiar name to most K-drama lovers, having earned huge popularity through his brilliant acting skills and abundant charms. 

Lee Jong Suk

Recently, Lee Jong Suk has been attracting eyes with his alluring long hair, and his alleged “dating history” has also become a hot topic. 

According to rumors from the media, Lee Jong Suk has dated all sorts of beauties, from the “nation’s first love” to many other visual goddesses. 

And outstanding career and gang of friends

Born in 1989, Lee Jong Suk boasts a height of 186cm, which is admirable in Korea. Since an early age, the actor has developed keen interest in the arts, and managed to become the youngest male model to star in Seoul Collection soon after his debut. 

Lee Jong Suk
Lee Jong Suk has a princely appearance…
…and outstanding height

In 2010, the actor made his acting debut via the K-drama “Princess Prosecutor”, before gaining attention with a minor role in “Secret Garden”. Despite his little screen time, Lee Jong Suk’s visuals quickly stole the audience’s heart, thus making a deep impression. 

Lee Jong Suk
Lee Jong Suk played a minor role in hit K-drama “Secret Garden”

3 years later, Lee Jong Suk’s career took a turning point after the actor starred in the major hit “School 2013”. Thanks to his excellent skills and brilliant chemistry with his co-star Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk rose to stardom, both in and outside of Korea. He thus became a prominent face to most K-drama lovers. 

Lee Jong Suk kim woo bin
Lee Jong Suk’s breakthrough came via a role in “School 2013”, where he starred alongside Kim Woo Bin

Now a famous actor, Lee Jong Suk continuously scores successful projects, including “I Hear Your Voice”, “Doctor Stranger”, “Pinocchio”, “W: Two Worlds”, “While You Were Sleeping”, and more. He also branches into the Chinese industry, and was offered a major role in the Chinese movie “Jade Lovers”. 

Lee Jong Suk
After “School 2013”, Lee Jong Suk starred in various famous works
Lee Jong Suk
He also became a big name in China 

Lee Jong Suk is also known for his gang of famous friends, which include big names such as Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Woo Bin, and Jung Hae In. 

But most renown of it all has been Lee Jong Suk’s tight friendship with Kim Woo Bin, who was born in the same year, and was also a model-turned-actor. The duo became friends after their collaboration in “School 2013”, and even both had actress Suzy as an on-screen lover. In fact, the two were so close-knitted, that rumors about a same-sex relationship started to spread, to which Kim Woo Bin jokingly responded: “Friendship is also a form of love”. 

lee jong suk kim woo bin
Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin are the best of friends…
Lee Jong Suk kim woo bin
…to the point they were suspected of dating 

This power couple often hung out together, and would often publish photos of each other. Even when Kim Woo Bin took a hiatus for cancer treatment, he’d go out with Lee Jong Suk, despite having his girlfriend Shin Min Ah. 

lee jong suk kim woo bin
Lee Jong Suk once published a photo of him on a “date” with Kim Woo Bin

Another notable friendship of Lee Jong Suk is one with Jung Hae In. The two met on the set of the 2017 K-drama “While She Was Sleeping”, and went from colleagues to “platonic soulmates”. They would often spare good words for each other in public appearances. 

lee jong suk jung hae in
Lee Jong Suk and Jung Hae In also form a tight bond 
lee jong suk jung hae in
Visual kings hanging out together 

In addition, this bestie couple also often leave cheesy comments on each other’s Instagram, like “Please take care of Hae In for me~”, and “Please pay close attention and take care of Lee Jong Suk!

Moreover, Lee Jong Suk also have friends from the fairer sex, and one of his closest female friend is none other than actress Lee Sung Kyung. According to the duo, they met as artists under YG Entertainment, and as they were only 1 years apart in age, the two quickly grew close. 

lee jong suk lee sung kyung
Lee Jong Suk and Lee Sung Kyung 

Despite both having left YG Entertainment by now, their relationship is still as tight as ever, and dating rumors have even arisen out of it. 

lee jong suk lee sung kyung
Lee Jong Suk treats Lee Sung Kyung like his younger sister 

Rumored to date various visual goddesses

Of course, with such perfect visuals and career, Lee Jong Suk is the dream boyfriend material to many girls. Therefore, it’s no wonder that his list of rumored lovers are filled with top beauties. 

Lee Jong Suk
Lee Jong Suk’s rumored girlfriends are all top beauties

In 2011, Lee Jong Suk and idol-actress Krystal met on the set of “High Kick 3”. After the show, Lee Jong Suk praised Krystal without hesitation during an interview broadcasted on MBC. 

lee jong suk krystal
Lee Jong Suk and Krystal Jung were co-stars on the sitcom “High Kick 3”

Soon, rumors of a romantic relationship sparked for the couple, which Lee Jong Suk himself denied. According to the actor, Krystal was like a little sister in his eyes. 

lee jong suk krystal
With their chemistry, it’s no wonder dating rumors sparked for this couple

Later on in late June, 2015, Dispatch released alleged “dating evidence” of the “Pinocchio couple” Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye. The news site even claimed that the two had been dating for 4 months, and even secretly traveled together. 

Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye 
Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye 

Faced with these claims, agencies of both Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye stated that the photos were taken as the couple got overseas schedules. They were not together, and had been friends since before “Pinocchio”, the companies explained. 

Lee Jong Suk Park Shin Hye
The alleged “dating evidence” released by Dispatch
Lee Jong Suk
However, both companies refuted the dating allegation 

Then, Lee Jong Suk continued to get entangled in dating rumors with two of his co-stars, Han Hyo Joo and Bae Suzy. In both “W: Two Worlds” and “While You Were Sleeping”, the actor exuded such strong chemistry with his acting partners that people accused him of dating. However, these rumors quickly died down, as insiders teased that the actor has been dating idol-actress Kwon Nara instead. 

Lee Jong Suk Han Hyo Joo
Lee Jong Suk starred with Han Hyo Joo in “W: Two Worlds”
Lee Jong Suk suzy
And with Bae Suzy in “While You Were Sleeping” 

In particular, sources revealed that Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara started their relationship back in March 2020, with Lee Jong Suk pursuing Kwon Nara since she was a member of Kpop group “Hello Venus”. The actor also allegedly invited Nara to join his agency “A Man Project”, and would often meet her at his coffee shop “89 Mansion” in Shinsadong, Seoul. 

Lee Jong Suk Kwon Nara
Lee Jong Suk is said to be involved with “Itaewon Class” actress Kwon Nara 
Kwon Nara
Rumor has it that he pursued Kwon Nara since she was a Kpop idol

In 2021, rumors of Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara grew even more intense as the actor shared he wanted to attend “husband lessons”. In particular, the male actor said: “When looking back at interviews I have done in my 20s, I realized I would often say I want to get married early, at the peak of my career. Now that I’m of proper age, I want to mentally prepare myself adequately, and I think I’d attend classes for husbands if I were ever to take a long break”. 

Know nara
Netizens suspected that Lee Jong Suk planned to marry Kwon Nara

Nevertheless, Lee Jong Suk always denies all information regarding his love life. To him, it’s better to follow his true desires, and what will come will come. Instead of being curious about Lee Jong Suk’s possible dating partners, it’s perhaps better to just anticipate his upcoming projects. 


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