Dropping out of “Sweet Home 2”, Bibi to appear in new movie “Hwaran” led by Song Joong Ki 


Bibi, who left the cast of “Sweet Home 2”, will join another project. 

As reported on September 23rd, singer and actress Bibi will appear in “Hwaran”, a movie that depicts the story of people making dangerous choices to escape from the hellish reality. Song Joong Ki has confirmed to play the main character of “Hwaran”. 


Earlier this week, it was reported that Bibi’s appearance in Netflix’s original series “Sweet Home 2” had been cancelled. “Sweet Home”, a webtoon-based apocalyptic drama that tells the bizarre and shocking story of reclusive high school student Hyeon Su at an apartment complex, gained much popularity when season 1 came out in 2020. 

An official from Netflix reportedly said, “Bibi was preparing for her appearance in ‘Sweet Home’ season 2, but inevitably had to leave the cast due to timing conflicts including the filming schedules.” “Sweet Home 2” is currently being filmed.


Bibi first showed off her decent acting skills by starring in the movie “Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming” released in June 2021. She also impressed the public with her humor through the entertainment programs “Girls’ High School Mystery Class” and “Witch Hunt 2022”.

Source: daum


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