dizzying fashion with see-through lace pants + completely transformed visuals


Momoland member JooE recently showed off a mature look with unconventional fashion 

On June 22nd, Momoland JooE posted two photos on her personal Instagram with the caption “Let’s all be healthy”. 

Momoland JooE

The photos showed JooE posting against a white wall in a black corset and white lace shorts. 

The top, which was held together by strings, highlighted JooE’s perfect physique, while her see-through shorts exuded a bold yet seductive vibe. Coupled with JooE’s smokey makeup and  dyed hair, the idol boasted an aura never seen before. 

Momoland JooE

JooE also drew admiration with her thin arms, straight shoulders, and tiny waist through the new post. 

The female idol also received compliments for her small face, large eyes, sharp nose bridge, and short jawline. Compared to JooE’s lively and hyper image in the past, the female idol has completely transformed. 

Momoland JooE

Netizens who saw the photos on Instagram leave many praises, including “Isn’t it illegal to be that pretty?”, “You’re so sexy”, “The prettiest”, and “You look like a Barbie doll”.

Momoland JooE

JooE, who debuted with Kpop girl group Momoland in 2016, appeared on various entertainment programs and became  well-known as an “entertainment idol”. Her group also scored multiple hit songs, including “Bboom Bboom” and “Baam”.

Momoland JooE

In January, Momoland released the English single “Yummy Yummy Love”, which featured Dominican singer Natti Natasha

Source: wikitree


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