Difference between Kim Tae Hee and her look-alike: One is an A-list actress, one suffer from flop dramas 

Difference between Kim Tae Hee and her look-alike: One is an A-list actress, one suffer from flop dramas 

What Kim Tae Hee and her lookalike junior have in common is that they both found the man of their dreams. 

Top star Kim Tae Hee and idol-turned actress T-ara’s Jiyeon have long been known to share a striking resemblance in appearance. When she first debuted, Jiyeon caught the attention for having similar facial features and exuding the same pure, graceful aura as her famous senior Kim Tae Hee. Jiyeon’s visuals have now matured a lot compared to the early days of her debut, but she is still sometimes referred to as “Little Kim Tae Hee.”

kim tae hee - t-ara jiyeon

Although they look alike, Kim Tae Hee and Jiyeon’s careers are not comparable. Kim Tae Hee shot to fame at a very young age. She was dubbed a top goddess of the Korean screen and still maintains this title to this day. Although her acting often draws mixed reviews, with her outstanding beauty, public recognition, and impact that goes beyond Korea, Kim Tae Hee remains an icon of the industry. In recent years, she has rarely appeared in the spotlight to focus on taking care of her family, but her popularity among A-list Korean actresses is still at the top. In addition, Kim Tae Hee also makes headlines often thanks to her enviable married life to veteran idol singer Rain. 

Kim Tae Hee-Bi Rain

The same successful career doesn’t really apply to Kim Tae Hee’s lookalike Jiyeon. Jiyeon started out as the most popular member of T-ara, a “nation’s girl group” and once achieved much success as an idol. However, due to the bullying controversy that broke out in 2012, T-ara’s image was ruined and this also affected Jiyeon’s singing career significantly. Although T-ara original members were later proven to be victims, it was already too late for the damage to be reversed. Along with singing, Jiyeon is also active as an actress. Over the years, she has starred in over 20 works, including both dramas and films. Jiyeon’s acting is natural and deemed not bad for an idol actor. However, Jiyeon constantly failed to pick the right script to gain a breakout role. Her most recent dramas, Imitation and I Wanna Hear Your Song, both recorded terribly low ratings.

T-ara Jiyeon
Jiyeon and her fiancé will get married at the end of this year


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