Detroit Man Arrested After Video Shows Him Aiming Gun At A Dad & His Baby

Video Footage Shows Man Aiming Gun At A Man & His 7-Months-Old Baby 

Video Footage Shows Man Pulling A Gun At A Man & His 7-Months-Old Baby In A Gas Station

Detroit police have arrested the man caught on camera pulling a gun out on a dad and his child in a gas station.

Video from the gas station showed a man approaching the business before opening the door and waving a handgun, he then points at a man holding his 7-month-old baby.

The man draws the firearm, while the dad holding his child puts his hand up in front of the suspect and waves it, possibly hitting the gun. The suspect then walks backward out of the store.

According to police, the father was followed by the man after going into the gas station.

He was about 2 to 3 feet from where the gun was pulled out and managed to hit it while waving his arm. Police believe him hitting the firearm may have caused it to jam.

Police believe the two men got into an argument prior to them both waking into the gas station.

The man with the gun is under investigation for aggravated assault.


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