Despite being banned for 13 years, Tang Wei can still maintain her reputation in Chinese showbiz, why?


At the age of 45, Tang Wei is still very beautiful and respected by the public and experts

Tang Wei’s appearance at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival made her the center of special attention. A photo taken in 2021 in the presence of Tang Wei was also dug up on this occasion. In the photo, Tang Wei sat next to many stars such as Yang Mi, Tong Yao, Gong Jun, Lay Zhang, Victoria Song, Zhou Dongyu, Liu Wen, Sui He,…

tang wei
Tang Wei has received a lot of attention recently.
tang wei
Her image in the latest drama

Tang Wei was sitting in the center of the photo, taking the spotlight. It is known that this is an event to celebrate the new editor-in-chief of Vogue China – Margaret Zhang. The reason why Tang Wei was favored despite being banned for 13 years was also explained by bloggers.

tang wei
The photo was dug up by the audience.
Tang Wei
Tang Wei appeared on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival

In fact, Tang Wei is a passionate and hardworking actress. Throughout her career, she also has many impressive films of her own. In 2006, to play the main role in “Se, jie”, Tang Wei had to beat more than 10,000 applicants, accepting a difficult request from director Ang Lee.  In order to meet the requirements of the roles, she diligently studied the pronunciation of Shanghai, Suzhou, Cantonese, Korean, and English. In “Finding Mr. Right”, Tang Wei had to wear a bag of rice, a lead ball (to fake a pregnant belly) all day to play the role of a pregnant woman. In “Dragons”, when she had to transform into a farmer, she stuffed mud into her fingernails.

tang wei
Late Autumn is a work that marks the return of Tang Wei

It seems that those efforts have made her image always beautiful in the eyes of filmmakers. Tang Wei holds a certain position in the entertainment industry despite she is punished or not.

tang wei
She once was banned due to her role in the movie “Se, jie”

Tang Wei also received many prestigious awards, recognized by domestic and international experts. Some of the awards she has won include the Golden Horse Award, the Asia Pacific Prize, the Cannes Film Festival award, etc. Tang Wei is also the first foreign actress to receive the Best Actress award at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

tang wei
Tang Wei is the first foreign actor to receive the Best Actress award at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

Although many years have passed, Tang Wei still maintains her reputation. Thanks to her latest work, Decision To Leave, Tang Wei entered the final round of the competition for the Palme d’Or for Best Film. She was also nominated for the Best Actress award. Also, through this movie, Tang Wei once again shows her effort and talent as she uses Korean fluently. Even though she failed in the end, she was still seen as an extremely talented and respectable actress.

After getting married, Tang Wei spends more time for her family.
Tang Wei sometimes shares sweet moments with her family
tang wei
Tang Wei at a recent event
tang wei
Tang Wei has had a much-awaited comeback.

Recently, Tang Wei has continuously appeared to promote the movie that is coming out at the end of this June. This is the 2nd Korean movie that she participated in after Late Autumn. At the age of U45, she still received a series of compliments for her beautiful appearance, but in the end, she still wished the audience to focus on her artistic products.

tang wei
She continues to be praised for her acting skills.


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