Defeating both Lee Jong-suk and Kang Tae-oh… Actor who ranked first in ‘September Drama Actor Brand Reputation’ is…


This actress attracted attention by ranking first in the ‘September Drama Actor Brand Reputation’. 

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute released the rankings from 1st to 50th on ‘September Drama Actor Brand Reputation’ on the 12th. According to the announcement, Park Eun-bin defeated Lee Jong-suk in 2nd place, Kang Tae-oh in 3rd place, Jung So-min in 4th place, and Lee Jae-wook in 5th place, and rose to the 1st place.

park eun bin

The ranking is the result of analyzing 6,787,651 brand big data of 50 actors who are appearing in the drama aired from the 12th of last month to the 12th of this month.

Park Eun-bin recorded a brand reputation index of 8,356,154, showing an overwhelming gap with second place Lee Jong-suk (brand reputation index of 4.508,422) and third place Kang Tae-oh (brand reputation index of 4411,196).

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute said, “As a result of the analysis of the brand reputation of the drama actor in September 2022, Park Eun-bin, who drew the attention of the public with the drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, took the first place.”

In the analysis of Park Eun-bin’s brand link, ‘happy, lovely, suspicious‘ was high, and in the keyword analysis, ‘fan meeting, advertisement, and Netflix’ was high”, he said. “In the analysis of the positive ratio, the positive ratio was 90.84 percent.”

Park Eun-bin played the role of Woo Young-woo, a new lawyer with both a genius brain and an autism spectrum, in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which ended in August. The drama set a new ENA record with the highest viewer rating of 17.5% (based on Nielsen Korea) in the last episode.

On the other hand, the top 30 in ‘September Drama Actor Brand Reputation’ are as follows:

  1. Park Eun-bin
  2. Lee Jong-seok
  3. Kang Tae-oh
  4. Jung So-min
  5. Lee Jae-wook
  6. Kang Ki-young
  7. Kim Se-jeong
  8. Bae Da-bin
  9. Yoon Si-yoon
  10. Jang Seung-jo
  11. Kim Go-eun
  12. Cha Ye-ryun
  13. Seo In-guk
  14. Shin Dong-mi
  15. Im Yoon-a
  16. Hwang Min-hyun
  17. Kim Joo-heon
  18. Son Hyun-joo
  19. Ji Chang-wook
  20. Nam Ji-hyun
  21. Shin Seung-ho
  22. Kim Hyang-gi
  23. Ji-seong
  24. Oh Yeon-seo
  25. Kim Hyo-jin
  26. Park Ji-hoo
  27. Jung Il-woo
  28. Jeon Bae-su
  29. Lee Hyun-jin
  30. Lee Seung-yeon 

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