Cute Moment Spotted Between Kim Woo Bin’s Real-life And On-screen Girlfriend, Shin Min Ah And Han Ji Min


Shin Min Ah shared a video of her being close to Han Ji Min.

On June 13th, through her Instagram, Shin Min Ah shared a post consisting of photos and videos taken on the set of tvN’s weekend drama “Our Blues” on the last day of filming. Among them, a video of Han Ji Min and Shin Min Ah talking to each other and laughing together especially caught the attention. 

In “Our Blues”, Han Ji Min plays Yeong Ok, the love interest of Kim Woo Bin’s character Jung Jun. They also had a kiss scene that made viewers’ hearts flutter. The interesting thing is, Kim Woo Bin is publicly dating Shin Min Ah. “Our Blues” marks their first time joining the same drama. However, they are in separate lovelines. Shin Min Ah’s character Seon Ah has a romantic relationship with Dong Seok, played by Lee Byung Hun. 

Our Blues

After “Our Blues” ended, Shin Min Ah expressed her gratitude for viewers as she wrote on Instagram, “Thank you so much for watching. May both Seon Ah and the people of Purung village be happy”. 

Under Shin Min Ah’s post, Han Ji Min also left a comment referring to the sports competition scene in “Our Blues”, “It was a pity that Seon Ah’s chicken fight skills were not included.” To this, Shin Min Ah replied, “Unnie, it’s a shame because I won all of them” with a laughing emoticon.  

Shin Min-ah han ji min

Meanwhile, “Our Blues” aired its last episode on June 12th. 

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