Crush “BTS J-Hope worked hard on the recording without going to the bathroom”


Singer Crush’s time is back.

Crush will release his new single “Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS)” through various online music sites at 6 PM on Sep 22nd then start full-fledged comeback activities.


Crush, who is about to make a comeback in 2 years, tried to transform himself by challenging a new concept as well as choreography while preparing for the new song. Not only featuring and rap making, BTS J-Hope also appeared in the music video, doubling the interest of global listeners.

When asked about the reason why he joined hands with BTS J-Hope, Crush answered, “J-Hope and I have been talking a lot about music for a long time, and I came to realize that the musical direction I was looking at while preparing the new song and the parts I sympathize with are similar to J-Hope. My suggestion to J-Hope ‘Let’s work together’ was accomplished like this, and he participated as a featuring artist. I thought that J-Hope would suit this song better than anyone else, so I really wanted to work with him. I think I gained synergy in many ways.”


To the question “Is there any special episode while recording and filming with J-Hope?”, Crush revealed, “J-Hope sweated a lot, but he worked hard on the recording without going to the bathroom. When I saw J-Hope saying ‘Hyung, I’ll do it again. I can do better. One more time!’ throughout the recording, I felt that he’s in his current position for a reason, and I really respect him as an artist.”


He added, “J-Hope willingly appeared in the music video. When I was physically out of energy after filming dancing scenes, he gave me energy. I was also very grateful to him for monitoring and coaching together.”

Source: daum


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