Controversies around Jennie’s supposed act of cultural appropriation 

Controversies around Jennie’s supposed act of cultural appropriation 

Netizens are taking serious accusation on Jennie for wearing braids in her perfume advertisement. 

On September 22nd, Allkpop reported that Jennie is under fire from netizens over cultural appropriation. 

This new wave of backlash stems from a commercial film for perfume brand TAMBURIN, which was released on September 21st. In the video, Jennie can be seen wearing box braids, which netizens found to be “a form of cultural appropriation”. 

Jennie faced strong backlash for her hairstyle in a perfume CF

Long story short, Twitter was on fire with criticism revolving around Jennie. Below are some notable comments:

  • So let me get this straight, Jennie did cultural appropriation for the 2nd time this year, first it was cornrows in “The Idol”, now it’s box braids in her endorsement? And why the hell is no one talking about it?”
  • To see Jennie is wearing cornrows/ box braids after what has happened to Lisa (and she also apologized)…. not only once but twice is overall shocking and just sad. I love these girls but stop making the same mistakes.
  • Blinks better confront jennie about her wearing braids also at the upcoming fansigning event. You guys were dragging Lisa through the mud just for jennie to do it twice this year alone. It’s the double standard for me.
  • It’s all “teach your idol to be accountable” until it’s their fave. Some of you really need to grow up. At least Lilies did acknowledge the wrong last time. This is not an attack to Jennie. But if she really did cultural appropriation, isn’t it better to let her know and learn from it like Lisa?

Previously in July, after the teaser for “The Idol” was received, Jennie was criticized for wearing cornrows – a signature hairstyle of black people. This was the first time of 2022 where Jennie was accused of cultural appropriation.

Jennie with cornrows in the teaser of “The Idol”

According to Koreaboo, cornrows is a traditional hairstyle that African American women did everything they could to hold on to. It also recalled of a horrific time of slavery, and a time where black people was discriminated for their hairstyles and was forced to change to chemically straightened or pressed hair. Therefore, the hairstyle has a lot of history and significant behind it. 

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK Lisa also received criticisms for the similar reason after the release of her MV “Money”, and apologized for her action in a fanmeeting afterwards. She also admitted that she did not check everything carefully, and emphasized that she did not mean to offend anyone.  

Lisa was criticized for a similar reason

On the other hand, many netizens also jumped to Jennie’s defense, explaining that the box braids and cornrows are just hairstyles that no one owns, and can be adorned by anyone. These people believe that many haters are just taking cultural appropriation as an excuse to throw shade on Jennie and defame her. 

Below are some comments of these netizens: 

  • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her hairstyle. As for the netizens complaining about Jennie’s braids – get over yourself. No culture has a trademark on braids.
  • Netizens are so braindead … do they really believe that no other cultures have had braids in their history?? Also, this argument of “appropriation” isn’t even valid because it’s literally just braids.
  • Although many cultures want to take sole credit for the braid, they cannot be traced to a single origin. During the Bronze Age and Iron Age many peoples in the Near East, Asia Minor, Caucasus, East Mediterranean and North Africa are depicted in art with braided or plaited hair and beards.Similarly, the practice is recorded in Europe, Africa, India, China, Japan, Australasia and Central Asia. It’s sad that one has to receive soooo much backlash just because of hairstyle
  • Anyone can wear any hairstyle they want. Who thinks otherwise belongs in mental hospital
  • Do these netizens not have anything better to do? Jennie gets so much hate for no reason! Let’s have the same energy when there’s a real actual issue.
  • The article comments look like some Lisa stans arguing with Jennie stans, you guys are in the same fandom – stop arguing with each other already!

In addition, some people believe that this is not an actual issue but just Jennie and Lisa fans throwing shade at each other

blackpink jennie
It’s also a common opinion that a hairstyle can be worn by anyone and it’s nothing to be worked up about. 

Source: K14


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