Choi Ye-na Boasts About Her Close Bond With Her Older Brother, “I Lend Him My Credit Card”


Former IZ*ONE member Choi Ye-na talked about her close relationship with her brother Choi Sung-min, an actor and former member of the mixed group Coed School.

Singer Choi Ye-na appeared as a guest on MBC’s “DNA Mate”, which aired on June 14th, and showed her sympathy for the cast members’ daily life stories.

choi yena

On the broadcast, Kwak Yoon-gi gave his card to his brother-in-law to take care of the child alone when he went on a trip with his younger sister. After then, Kwak Yoon-gi was seen becoming sensitive as he kept receiving messages notifying him that his brother-in-law had paid something using his card. 

In response to that scene, Choi Ye-na said, “I understand this feeling. I also give my card to my brother”, causing a stir at the filming studio.

choi yena

Born in 1999, Choi Ye-na is 24 years old this year and she lends her card to her brother, who is four years older than her.

choi yena

In response, Lee Kyung-kyu even asked again, “He didn’t steal it, did he?”. Din Din expressed envy, saying “There is a younger sister like her. What should I do with my sister?”.

Kwak Yoon-gi made everyone laugh so hard when he said to Choi Ye-na, who is 10 years younger than him, “Can I take you as my sister?”. 

Choi Ye-na and Choi Sung-min drew admiration from the viewers many times with their close relationship. Even when Choi Sung-min was serving in the military, Choi Ye-na went on a live broadcast and showed deep affection for her brother, saying “I missed my brother so much”.

Choi Ye-na seems to have repaid her brother’s huge love and support for her after making profits from her activities as a member of the famous girl group IZ*ONE from 2018 to 2021.

Choi Yena

The viewers gave enthusiastic cheers for Choi Ye-na, saying “I can also take you as my sister”, “Choi Ye-na is so cool”, etc. 

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