Celina Powell Exposes Florida Rapper Las Guapo On TikTok

Celina Powell Exposes Las Guapo On TikTok

Celina Powell Exposes Las Guapo On TikTok

Celina Powell is making scathing allegations against Florida rapper Las Guapo. In a trending TikTok video, Celina Powell claims she’s spent a lot of money on him and he’s now with another girl.

“Have you ever had 22 inches of meat in your mouth?” The TikTok video begins. “Yes,” Celina replied.

“But that’s besides the point in this video. I’ve also spent almost $200,000 on a guy before $84,000 for our ******* year of our rent. Just we kicked out three months later. I’ve also spent $24,000 on his Valentine’s Day gift while he got me discounted flowers from the supermarket and used my cash that was in the car.”

She continued, “Then I bought him a whole bunch of outfits and shoes and everything just for him to act like my friend robbed him up. $18,000 so I can give it to him cash. Then he came back to me again.”

In the side clip, Las Guapo flaunts his Rolex and Celina chimed in; “It is still my Rolex, so now I don’t have a Rolex and he’s with another *****.”

Powell, who is best known for leveling allegations against some of hip-hop’s biggest names, was arrested in 2015 for allegedly driving a getaway car for thieves.

Powell, originally from Denver, rose to fame with a YouTube channel in which she would detail her alleged experiences with rap stars. She previously accused Snoop Dogg of cheating on his wife with her; claimed Offset had impregnated her during their affair.

Also accused Trey Songz of sexual misconduct; and said Drake had changed his number after she kept sending him her n* des


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