Celebrities Are Indeed Different… Student Record Photo Of A Member Of JYP’s Rookie Girl Group


NMIXX Haewon’s past photos are attracting attention.

On June 12th, Haewon posted some photos on NMIXX‘s official Instagram with the caption, “I finally found a picture of me wearing my school uniform… On the student record… The second and third pictures are high school student Haewon.

The first photo is a portrait picture on Haewon’s student record, and below it, Haewon’s real name “Oh Hae-won” is handwritten. She draws admiration for her innocent beauty, which is unbelievable for a high school student, and her clear facial features that give off a celebrity vibe.

haewon nmixx instagram

Haewon’s group NMIXX is JYP’s 7-member girl group that debuted with the title song “O.O” at the end of February. NMIXX is a combination of “N” in now, new, next, the unknown quantity n and “MIX” which symbolizes diversity.


Source: wikitree


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