BTS V, “There Were Countless Tiredness And Difficulties Behind That Happiness”


BTS V expressed his feelings about temporarily suspending group activities.

On June 14th, V left a long message through BTS‘ official fan community platform Weverse.

V wrote, “We’re happy. Even though 7 of us were different in terms of personalities as well as things we like and dislike, we all had the same thoughts about ARMY (BTS’ fandom). That’s why we did ‘Run BTS’.


V continued, “For the past 10 years, I was scared of always having to look up, move forward and give myself up for the sake of the team. There were countless tiredness and difficulties behind that happiness. Now, it’s the beginning of our healthy steps to remain as BTS for a long time, so I believe that ARMY will like it too.

He added, “ARMY and BTS are connected by a purple thread, so let’s see each other for a long time so that our color deepens even more. We love ARMY so much.


Earlier, BTS released a video of “BTS’ get-together” on their official YouTube channel to celebrate their 9th debut anniversary. Through this video, the members expressed their intention to suspend group activities for the time being and carry out individual activities in earnest.

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