BTS Jin boasts top-tier handsome visuals behind the scenes of “Yet To Come” MV


BTS Jin’s visuals drive fans wild. 

BTS recently released behind-the-scenes cuts from the music video filming of their latest comeback title track ‘Yet To Come’ of the new album ‘Proof’ through their official Instagram. Among the members, Jin caught fans’ attention by showing off his extraordinary visuals with black hair and a black outfit.

BTS jin
BTS jin

Meanwhile, BTS swept the top of Japan’s Oricon charts with their new album ‘Proof’. ‘Proof’, released on June 10th, took first place with 464,000 copies sold in Oricon’s ‘Daily Album Ranking’ as of June 13th. 

BTS oricon

In addition, according to the latest chart released by Oricon on June 15th (counting period June 6-12th), ‘Proof’ ranked first in the ‘Weekly Digital Album Ranking’ with 9,047 downloads per week. BTS proved their unrivaled popularity as ‘Proof’ is placed at the top of the weekly ranking with the number of downloads counted in only two days after release.


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