BTS Jin at the White House in his perfect suit and visuals – he may as well has been a statue


The hearts of fans all around the world were easily captured with new images of BTS Jin at the White House.

On June 10th, BTS Jin posted several photos on his personal Instagram, taken on the green lawn of the White House. In the series of photos, BTS Jin boasted an appearance comparable to sculpture while wearing a luxury suit and staring at the camera under the shining sun.

BTS Jin White House
BTS Jin White House
BTS Jin White House
The photos posted by BTS Jin 

The male idol appeared dashing in his black suit, white shirt, and neat tie. His outstanding physique also added to the look, easily sweeping fans off their feet. 

BTS Jin White House
BTS Jin White House

People can’t help but praise Jin’s overwhelming broad shoulders, long arms and legs, as well as slender body. He truly was a heart flutter with his warm expression, showing a behind of BTS’s visit to the White House. 

BTS Jin also shined in his speech at the White House

On May 31st (local time), BTS visited the White House at the invitation of U.S. President Biden and shared opinions on hate crimes, discrimination, and diversity in commemoration of the “AANHPI Month” (Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month) in the Oval Office.

Before going into a meeting with President Joe Biden, Jin, along with other BTS members, visited the White House briefing room, where they expressed their aims and feelings about the visit.

“Today is the last day of the AANHPI Heritage Month.We came to the White House to celebrate and share our will with the AANHPI community,” the male idol said, drawing attention with his accurate diction.

BTS Jin’s Instagram feed 

Previously, the personal Instagram of BTS Jin surpassed 35.88 million followers, making him a global superstar with a huge international impact. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Whenever I see Seokjin’s Instagram, I feel as if there are cute sounds coming from his photos
  • Seokjin’s as handsome as ever
  • His suit fit is so cute!
  • Jin, I will look forward to your comeback stage.
  • I have been waiting for every for a suit photo
  • Jin in a suit…. So spectacular but cute!
  • I wish Cutie Seokjin all the best and happy things for the rét of his life. 
  • Your everything makes me smile
  • Seokjin, I will support you until the end!
  • Our photogenic hamster! 
  • Wow, why am I seeing another statue in the White House? 

Source: Daum


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