BTS Jimin won first place in “K-Pop Top 100 Dancers” chart

BTS Jimin won first place in "K-Pop Top 100 Dancers" chart

BTS Jimin rose to the top of K-Pop’s best dancer, illuminating his reputation as a ‘God of Dance’.
Jimin took first place in the poll for ‘TOP100 K-POP Dancers’ that ended on September 8 (Korean time) on the global voting site ‘Dabeme Pop’.

Jimin took first place in ‘Best Male Dance 2022′ of ‘Dabeme Pop‘, which ended in May, and proudly ranked first in ‘K-POP DANCERS’ this time, and as the main dancer, he is the representative of the team and K-Pop. He once again proved that he is a top-notch dancer.

Jimin, who is sweeping the dance-related votes held this year, including the ‘Dabeme Pop’ vote, previously ranked first in ‘Dabeme Pop”s ‘Best Male Dance 2022’ vote for 4 consecutive years from 2019 to 2022.

In addition, he has been solidifying his throne for three consecutive years since 2020 as the No. 1 “Male K-POP Idol Dancer Rankings 2022” on the global voting site “King Choice,” and he has also topped the “DANCER KING OF KPOP 2022” at the Shining Awards.

In particular, Jimin, who ranked first in the “NETLAB” vote, which can only be voted in Japan for the second consecutive year, won a total of 11 awards in dance-related votes, solidifying his position as another level of dance god.

Referred to as the ‘king of modern dance’ by US Billboard, Jimin is an ‘all-rounder dancer’ who perfectly performs not only modern dance, but also ballet, martial arts, poppin, and hip-hop dance regardless of genre. He is a key member who made the name of the team known as a performance group.

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