BTS Is Named The No.1 Legendary Sell-out Star, Proving That Their Great Effect Will Continue Even If They Take A Hiatus From Group Activities


BTS was mentioned as the No.1 legendary sell-out star on “TMI NEWS SHOW”. BTS recently proved their influence once again when announcing their hiatus from group activities.

On Mnet’s entertainment show “TMI NEWS SHOW”, which aired on June 15th, a list of legendary sell-out stars was unveiled.


Hwasa from MAMAMOO ranked 3rd on the announced list. Hwasa, who presented a beef gopchang eating show on “I Live Alone”, made the sales of gopchang increase significantly by 150% to the point that there was a shortage of supplies. A total of 40,000 posts released to Hwasa’s effect were posted on SNS. After creating the gopchang craze, Hwasa became a model for a gopchang brand.


Apart from gopchang, Hwasa also caused a stir with seaweed crackers. It is said that she helped increase soy sauce marinated raw crabs orders by 10 times. The female singer got named the “goddess of mukbang world” and even received gopchang and seaweed cracker appreciation plaques.


Lee Young-ja, who is active as an eating professor, came in 2nd place. Restaurants recommended by her were always crowded with visitors. She even made headlines for introducing great restaurants at service stations across the country. Among all the delicious food, she mentioned “sotteok sotteok (sausage and rice cake)” as the best menu. As a result, sales of this food at service stations soared 5 times within a year. The Korea Expressway Corporation thanked Lee Young-ja and gave her a free coupon to have their sotteok sotteok for all her life. However, she reportedly refused the benefit, saying that she only wanted to help increase their sales.

Lee Young-ja

The long-awaited No.1 was announced to be taken by boy group BTS. While every product that BTS used, from T-shirts to lip balms, was sold out, fast food company M drew keen attention as they even revealed BTS Meal Set and sold it in more than 50 countries, including the U.S. They created hot topics for remodeling their stores around the world using purple, BTS’s signature color, and trying to create marketing slogans in Korean. This fast food company recorded 2.6 trillion won in net profit alone, which was a 5-time increase from that of the previous year. It was so surprising that they also sold the meal packages at reselling prices. Accordingly, the price of a wrapping paper was 80,000 won and two sauces were purchased for 860,000 won. 

bts 2018 mma

Meanwhile, BTS announced a temporary suspension of group activities on their official Youtube channel on June 14th. They decided to take a break in order to maintain a team for a long time. During this time, BTS members will not only spend time doing what they have not been able to do but also greet fans through solo activities.

bts suga hiatus

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