BTS, “Dorm Contract Expired, We’re Living Separately, Fans Might Feel Disappointed But…”


BTS (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jung-kook) ended their dorm life and all members have reportedly started living on their own.

BTS released the video “Real BTS’s Dinner” through their official Youtube channel “BANGTANTV” at 9 p.m on June 14th to celebrate the group’s 9th debut anniversary.

The members shared deep talks in a comfortable atmosphere. Leader RM raised the topic, saying “Since we’re gathering here, I think we should talk about our dorm. Our dorm contract has come to an end”.


V said, “We had so many memories in that house”. J-Hope added, “It’s time to let it go. We aren’t kids anymore”.


RM continued, “Some people might feel disappointed so we wanted to clarify this. I hope everyone will understand. Seven guys living together is not easy at all. It doesn’t make sense”. Suga agreed, “It’s not easy to do so”. RM then apologized, “We joked about me snoring but it wouldn’t have been fun for the members.”


J-Hope said, “I think we’ve become closer as we have our own space.” V agreed, saying, “I’m not lying, but I think we’ve gotten closer now that we live separately.”


RM said, “We are more of a family than friends. It’s better to keep a little physical distance from each other and respect each other’s privacy. We’re almost 30 years old now.”


Jimin said, “The contract for the dorm is about to expire, but since we’re cleaning it up, we have the opportunity to talk about this, it’s really a shame.” J-Hope recalled, “It reminds me of old times. The clothes I wore at that time, the things I used, and the bed are still here.”


RM said, “Actually, I don’t regret it. Living together was a fun experience. I think I learned that it was fun because I live alone now. What I felt while visiting the members’ houses was that they were so different.”


Jimin said, “The seven of us are really different. We have different personalities, different tastes, and there are more things that don’t match than those that fit.” Suga added, “It’s a miracle that we lived together,” and Jungkook said, “We’ve come this far because we lived together.”


Source: Nate


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