Brittney Griner’s Wife Couldn’t Call Her For Their Fourth Anniversary

Brittney Griner & Her Wife Couldn't Talk On Phone On Their Fourth Anniversary 

Brittney Griner & Her Wife Couldn’t Talk On Phone On Their Fourth Anniversary

WNBA star Brittney Griner tried to call her wife nearly a dozen times through the American embassy in Russia on the couple’s fourth anniversary Saturday, but they never connected since the phone line at the embassy was not staffed, Cherelle Griner said Monday.

The couple has not spoken by phone in the four months since Griner’s arrest in Russia on drug-related charges.

That was to have changed Saturday, when a long-awaited call was to have finally taken place. But the day came and went without any contact, leaving an anguished Cherelle Griner to wonder what went wrong and to suspect at least initially that Russian authorities had thwarted the call.

On Monday, she said she learned from her wife’s lawyers a more distressing truth: Brittney Griner had actually tried to call 11 times over a period of several hours, dialing a number she’d been given at the U.S. embassy in Moscow, which the couple had been told would then patch the call through to Cherelle Griner in Phoenix.

But each time, the call went unanswered because the desk at the embassy where the phone rang was apparently unstaffed on Saturday.

In a Monday tweet, Lanez said: “Yoooo we gotta get Brittney Griner OUTTA JAIL YO ….. WTF !?!??? Why are we not talking about this !!!”

One fan responded to Lanez and said, “Cause it ain’t nothing for us to do, they already requested to free one of theirs for her, talk to the president 🤷🏽‍♂️” to which he responded, “that’s crazy cuz that means that they not gone let her outta jail unless someone Russian gets released …. What if they want the release of someone with way more severe charges WTF 😳”


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